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    Saturday, October 25, 2008

    Our Intel Production, IATT

    By Gerald, Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Oct 25, 08

    Would you like a private Intel stream on your Industry like we provide on the terrorist?
    This is a demostration project for our Competitive Intelligence Services.
    Lets look at some of the think tanks Exclusive work.

    Is our best work so far.

    What else have we learned al Qaeda is up to?


    Our new tracking technology:

    And exposing/burning terrorist webmasters:

    Remember the threat of attack last November
    We penetrated his group and shut the web site down 3 days before the attack.
    ( We had them under surveillance for 2 years )
    When they got ready to attack we took them out.

    We have developed a anti-terroris toolbar
    and a GWOT Cyber Batatlion, this is Company C
    over 100 troops, one Company in our Batallion,  
    and over 100,000 bots, and our own spiders.

    There are many secret operations I still can't talk about
    but our breath, depth and comprehensiveness some times
    empress even me.

    Our paradigm Intel concept has provided some remarkable insights.
    ( Dow currently at 8,378 )

    Europe and Asia and Government Intel services.
    All the while slipping under the News Services radar.

    And we can turn the same kind  powers on your problems,
    or just the best Intel data stream you have ever drank from.

    Broker, series 7 & 13
    Internet Anthropologist 
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst

    Internet Anthropologist


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