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    Friday, October 03, 2008

    Keys for stratcom

    A key:

    Strategic Command, Gen. Kevin Chilton
    a small key: your missing:
    Ability to FAST flux your most important sites, incase "one" is taken down, you could put it right back up, again and again, without "user" even noticing a problem. you could rotate mirrored sites,
    just keep the location of the host secret, rotating IP"s, 
    think how this could mess up a bot attack.


    Managed fast-fluxing is only starting to go mainstream, for instance, in July I found evidence that money mule recruiters were using ASProx's infected hosts as hosting infrastructure, and in November, 2007, an infamous spamming software vendor was also found to have been offering fast-flux services in the past.

    We're slowly entering into a stage where RBN bullet proof hosting franchises are vertically integrating, and due to the requests from their customers are starting to offer that they refer to as "mirrored hosting" which in practice is plain simple fast flux network consisting of RBN-alike purchased netblocks, and naturally, botnet infected hosts.

    Actually, it takes ips around the world and our powerful control panel just rotates the ips every 15 minutes. though all these ips you will see will be fake no one can trace the orignal ip where files are hosted. Sometimes the ip is from China, Korea, USA, UK, Japan, Lithuania etc."

    The concept has always been there for cybercriminals to take advantage of, but once it matures into a managed service it would undoubtedly lower down the entry barriers allowing yesterday's average phishers to take advantage of what only the "pros" were used to.

    Excerpted from a Genius: Danchev

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst




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