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    Thursday, October 02, 2008

    Irans nukes

    Report: U.S. Said No to Israeli Strike on Iran

    “The British newspaper The Guardian on Thursday quoted European officials as saying that the United States earlier this year refused to agree to an Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities.

    “According to the report, European diplomatic sources said that Israel gave serious thought this spring to launching a military strike on Iran’s nuclear sites but was told by President George W. Bush that he would not support it and did not expect to revise that view for the rest of his presidency.” Read more

    Iran Almost at “Virtual” Nuclear Weapon Status

    “By the time we inaugurate our next president, Iran is likely to achieve virtual nuclear weapon status. This means that it will be able to produce, within a few months of deciding to do so, enough weapon-grade uranium to fuel a bomb.

    “But how is that possible? After all, about the only thing the Bush administration and our European allies seem to agree on regarding Iran is that there is a lot more time for diplomacy and sanctions to work before the ayatollahs can cross the nuclear line. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the situation.” Read more




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