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    Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    Cyber crooks scared

    Paradigm Intel: Hackers
    By Barb; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Oct 14,08

    Cyber crooks scared, weeping in their beer.
    In the next few months we will see mass arrests of cyber crooks around the globe.

    As turned honey pot bares fruit.

    Hackers retreating, scrubbing drives, getting off the net and on the run.
    Many are collectiong evidence on others as a bargining chips to plead for lower or no sentenances.
    Hackers don't do well in prison.

    Project DarkMarker will put a nice dent into ID theft, and may provide some good leads into RBN.

    For the past two years the FBI has been logging thousands of IPs of rhackers, cc theives, and buyers.
    The site offered a quality control fuction. A chance to check the quality of your product, and get a rating
    for the quality of your stolen cretdit card numbers stc, so the FBI has a sample / Evidence of most transactions. The would even boot off crooks with fake cc numbers.


    Like Shadowcrew and earlier sites, DarkMarket lets buyers and sellers of stolen identities and credit card data meet and do business, in an entrepreneurial, peer-reviewed environment. Products for sale run the gamut from specialized hardware, to electronic banking logins collected from phishing attacks, stolen personal data needed to assume a consumer's identity ("full infos") and credit card magstripe swipes ("dumps), which are used to produce counterfeit cards. Vendors are encouraged to submit their goods for review before offering them for sale.

    Dejected denizens of the forum absorbed Tuesday's news with disappointment. "I was waiting for this, the worst news of them all," wrote a poster called Ms. Gold. "I don't really know what to say nor am I in your shoes to give a real view. There must be another solution to the problem. Do we just let them win?"

    "Now it would be too difficult to conduct business," wrote Iceburg. "Darkmarket was our bridge to business and if that bridge is broken than business is broken ... Long live carding and cashing. Short live all the RATS and FBI and all stupid secret agencies who are not just ruining our lives and families but they are destroying everything we left behind!"

    DarkMarket has enjoyed a solid reputation among users for effectively weeding out "rippers" who steal from other crooks.



     the FBI reports that, for the first time ever, revenues from cybercrime have exceeded drug trafficking as the most lucrative illegal global business, estimated at reaping in more than $1 trillion annually in illegal profits. ....Cybercrime Inc. Keeps Growing

    In August, 11 defendants were formally charged in last year's high-profile T.J. Maxx data breach in which more than 45 million accounts were compromised over a couple of years. The defendants included three U.S. citizens as well as citizens of the Ukraine, Estonia, Belarus and the People's Republic of China. What's become clear to investigators and security experts alike is that organizations perpetrating these kinds of attacks are not only increasingly global, they're becoming nimbler, smarter and more efficient at wreaking havoc on company networks and profiting from their illegal activities. They have names like the Russian Business Network, Gray Pigeons, and Honkers Union of China. And they're growing—in numbers, power and reach.

    "What we've seen is really a deep stratification of electronic crime into a growing, prosperous and responsive economy, with a number of specialty organizations, syndication and deepening organization of peers, both within a vertical skillset and across the entire enterprise of electronic crime," said Peter Cassidy, secretary general of the Anti-Phishing Working Group, a nonprofit organization dedicated to counteracting cybercrime. "Increasingly, we see this is turning into big business."........

    Scott Henderson, a former U.S. military intelligence analyst with a specialty in the Chinese cyberthreat, said that there are about 280,000 to 300,000 individual hackers in China belonging to about 250 cybercrime organizations.



    Quality Assurance in Malware 

    Surprisingly, while opportunistic cybercriminals have long embraced themalware as a service model, and are offering managed lower detection rate services for a customer's malware, or DIY ones where the customer can take advantage ofpopular tools ported to the Web, others are still trying to innovate at a faddish market niche - multiple offline AV scanners tools aiming to ensure that their malware doesn't end up in the hands of vendors/researchers.



    Does your malware pass these scanners?


    RBN Russian Business Net, aka FBS are not scared. World Bank Under Cyber Siege ...

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      February 28, 2008 09:39 AM Link XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX The paradigm of this article is FALSE: ID THEFT AND CREDIT CARD FRAUD CAN BE STOPPED: ...

      There is a codependency between Banks and Cyber Criminals, Banks ( Credit Card Co. ) maintain it is not there job to stop ID theft, and the Banks profit from ID theft.
      But other Companys using the CC co. data can stop the ID theft, more criminal errors and ommissions by the Banking Indrustry.

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