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    Sunday, October 05, 2008

    Background noise and chatter + ops.

    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Oct 5, 08

    We are picking up some noise and chatter about Syaria Nuke attempts.
    Support from Moles, sources, BSUs, and OSINT.

    The reactor at Deir al-Zor that was bombed was nearly identical to the N Korean reactor at Yongbyon that can only produce (small amounts) of weapons-grade plutonium. No fuel was there but start-up was only months away. That site has been under construction/planning for over ten years. The secret tunneling to bring water in from the Euphrates started many years before that.

    Mossad has significant penetration into Syrian security and is steadily killing the leadership of Syria's nuke program. The Syrian colonel killed by car bomb, in Damascus, outside the headquarters of the Palestine branch of Syrian security, last week and the sniper assassination of senior Syrian security official, Gen. Mohammed Suleiman, in Tartus were nuke program related.

    The Syrians wised up and took note of the Iranian program to scatter nuke sites all over Syria. Upwards of 31 locations are believed to be related and highly secretive.

    N Korean is all over the Syrian program. Syria has the money and the desire to do it,

    Iran is looking to do a underground test. Iran is the game changer because their bomb is Hezbollah's bomb.

    Regarding Lebanon, the next Israeli/Hezbollah war will see a much more massive strike from Israel, occupation of all Lebanon.

    Our BSU's and paradigm Intel indicates al Qaeda has some nuclear material and are looking for
    instructions on how to use it.

    They have been researching this for over a month.


    Here is a photo of an offshore FBX-T. We have many forward sensor stations like this, such as in Poland, Czech Republic, etc. And many on our Aegis cruisers.

    The Israeli installation adds to the over-lapping grid of radar we are establishing. Having forward sensors ringing the Middle East and N Korea adds to our probability of detecting launch phase trajectories of ICBM's, that is the key. Knowing the destination and range of an ICBM tells us whether it is a test or a hostile launch so that we can respond accordingly.

    In a conflict, Iran will likely launch many Shahabs, before and during, hoping to mask their real target by over-whelming our detection. ICBM's are the primary threat to us and our allies, as they are the most deliverable ordnance we face. The global network of detection eventually neutralizes that problem.

    Having a very timely and accurate detection of test launches has an underlying goal, finding Iran's hidden launch sites. Iran has very hardened sites in uncertain locations. Launch phase detection and our subsequent "triangulation" spots those sites.

    The reason the Ruskies are so mad about Poland, etc. is that they are trying to sell weapon systems to Iran and our radar defenses make those systems obsolete and hard to sell. We want Russia, Iran, N Korea out of the ICBM business for good and this global system makes their efforts futile and not marketable to say a Venezuela or Cuba.....

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