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    Monday, September 15, 2008

    Terror sites down

    Terror sites down, Jahiddies in bad pain.
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Sept 15, 08

    For Opsec we have had to sit on this story for 24 hrs, its been a long 24 hrs.

    The Jahiddies are in a Frenzy today, most of their terror sites have been shut down.
    For two days now there has been a continual  1,400% increse in traffic hunting for terrorist sites.
    The across the board strike has been very sucessful.

    Why shut down a Terrorist web site? Our Answer
    They will just start it back up again.
    Pop back up somewhere else.

    I'll give you a first person look at how the terrorist webmaster feels about it.
    For those of you that have a WEB SITE how would you feel of you lost your web site
    and had to start over with a new URL. Find a new host who won't kick you off.
    Re-build it, re program it, set up the new links and then spread the new url around
    without us, finding out the new site and close it down all over again.

    Take out their main Command and Control ( Terrorist web sites ) and they hurt.
    They are scrambling for programers, and building a terrorist web site is a crime, and we will
    be hunting for you.

    Ever wonder how a terrorist webmaster feels about having his web site shutdown?

    Our BSU gives us a hint. Some packets were unrecoverable.

    ".....In the city, I look for us, hardly ever seeing any of my dear sisters or brothers, I'm alone most of the time, but I'm not truly alone, this I know as Allah(swt) is always with me and for that I am blessed. I just sometimes wish i could be among Islam in real life I am excited when i think Our Ummah is growing by thousands on the Internet and continues to grow by the day. Inshallah I wait for the day that Islam and caliphate rules the world!! This will happen...I know deep in my soul it will, I just hope I will see this before I die...or even become a martyr for Allah(swt). But Islam is my life & the sooner Islam takes over, these haters will learn just how great Islam really is ( lost in capture )...... the kafir got my sites shut down. Now I HAVE TO START ALL OVER. I did not back everything up and have lost much,

    So much work wasted, and how will I get alll my visitors back? Each time it is fewer and fewer. Where to find a host but Allah will guide me.  It is Allah's will that I continue with my electronic jihad.  Inshallah sometimes In my darkest hours when I am weak, I wonder if it is worth it, they will just knock the site down again. It causes me much pain, the wasted time... I HATE them...these spawn of satan..... ( lost in capture ) the USA...I HATE this place!  The whole country is morally corrupt. The government is cheating their own people. Inshallah some day I will be able to leave USA, then Inshallah I will go to live in an Islamic country, where I can make a good life...a pure life as Allah(swt) wants us to live.

    With Allah's blessings maybe even marry a good woman and start a family. Not one of these filthy dirty women from the West. They all look like prostitutes. I cannot wait until one day I can escape this. But Allah(swt) has a reason for everything we do and I trust Him to look over me and guide me. It is in Allah's hands that I live my life.

    One day....yes one day I will escape the West to live where all blessed Muslims live, in our Caliphate/homeland. Until then, I find solace knowing the Internet  Ummah is here for me and this is a gift as well.

    I hate the filthy Kafir with my very soul."


    USA terrorist web master, he lives and breathes in my pocket and has no idea.


    Partial list of downed sites:

    .Who took down the Terrorist sites? WE KNOW.G.

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