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    Thursday, September 11, 2008

    911 consparicy admission.

    I worked in WTC 1991, as a Broker. G

    Photo by Gerald: copyright 2008.
    Everything is there for one to see, IF one looks.

    By Gerald;
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Proof USA is loosing the Information War.

    World in denial on al-Qaeda and 9/11

    No consensus on masterminds of 9/11 — Poll

    Almost one-fourth of Germans believe the US was behind 9/11

    Al-Qaida not universally blamed for 9/11

    If al Qaeda had been around during WWII their would be doubt about the
    Japanese involvement in Pearl Harbor.

    Something as fundamental as the perps if 911, is still at question years later?
    al qaeda and Bin Laden himself on video tape admitted
    responsibility for 911, and the World is not sure?

    This conspiracy theory points to the failure of America in the
    Info war. And Paradigm Intel points to the probability of other
    lesser propaganda being accepted as the truth.

    This sucessful propaganda effort points to prolonged insurgent activity
    based on this failure to win the Info WAR.

    Hell even Nixon couldn't hide a simple burglary with the help of the
    USA Attorney General on board with the cover up, and the tacit control of the
    FBI in the investigation. Even then Deepthroat was an FBI agent much to credit to the FBI

    Clinton couldn't keep a little head quiet, even with the threat of Impeachment.

    And now some believe the USA could keep secret mass murder in a public
    attack 911 and perfectly timed???
    Inviloving thousands of co-conspirators.

    What has happened to critical thinking?

    The terrorist Info war is years ahead of USA efforts.
    The shame of this condition is the massive capability of the USA
    as the worlds foremost media experts.

    A man on the run in a cave is defeating the USA in a media war???

    Al Qaeda proves the USA can no longer ignore what the world thinks
    about America and needs to confront the lies and propaganda.

    Where is the block buster film about the US heros in the GWOT?

    Where is the film about USA freeing the masses from disgusting
    control of despots like Saddam and the Taliban?

    Where are the films about the atrocities and REAL torture by al Qaeda and the Taliban?
    They behead people without a trial, kill women and children, bomb market places and Mosques.

    Have and are seeking nuclear materials, which even we at Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    have traced with our BSU.

    Al Qaeda has nuclear ambitions.

    al Qaeda and the Taliban are disgusting henchmen of Satan, filthy
    criminals bastardizing Islam and with out any Honor.

    Japan attacked USA and killed fewer Americans than al Qaeda
    and USA used Nukes on Japan.

    What did Bin Laden and the rest of the world expect from an attack
    bigger than the attack on Pear Harbor?

    USA will hunt al Qaeda, every one unto death to hell and back.

    USA or Paki forces has killed one if Zawahiri's wifes ( not clear who did strike. ) in an attempt to kill him.

    Haqqani's wife was killed, he is the one Internet Anthropologist believe has been harboring Binny. This attempt to kill Haqqani wasn't a surprise to him USA has hit 5 of his training camps
    in the past 10 days.

    The USA Military has no Internet force to attempt to influence the hearts and minds like the Terrorist do. They have propaganda sites in all the important languages, Urdu, Pashto, etc.
    The only force online to even come close to providing this level of influence the Airforce,
    was derailed.

    In the mean time the terrorist continue to covert hearts and minds with stupid lies link the 911
    conspiracy, and convert people to terrorism which USA is killing.
    Which is more expensive and less effective than converting hearts and minds to critical accurate thinking with an effective "Social Change Engine" .

    The masters of social media and advertising have lost the info war to a sick, deranged man hiding in a cave. ( If he is still alive. )

    Bin laden, comatose:

    The GWOT is still being fought like the last war, when it comes to propaganda and the Info

    The world Press are an embarrassment, like the NYT leaking the story about USA being able to
    bug Binnys cell phone, they should have been charged with treason, to give the enemy critical support and Intel in a time of war, is seditious.
    The blood of many Americans are on their hands.

    And USA is funding both sides of the GWOT through oil purchases and drugs.

    And both problems can be mitigated.
    Conversion to natural gas ( USA has 150 year supply, Which America owns ) for American cars, at about $1.50 a Gallon vs Middle East oil at almost $4 a gallon.
    Pickens pushes energy autonomy

    And the Drug war failure, and a failed drug war paradigm.
    There are options, methods to mitigate this source of funds.

    The US Military needs to stop fearing the WWW and learn
    to master its many functions in an all out push to beat the Terrorist
    in their successful information war.

    The terrorist are not geniuses but pushed to the Internet as their
    options were limited, and they had no other choices.
    See our answers 10 Q about al Qaeda. By World Defense Review (WDR).

    Military actions alone will not end the terrorist problem.
    USA has options, methods and the ability to defeat this movement/ Ideology.
    But the leadership or knowledge or foresight seems to be lacking.
    The Paradigms are known but have yet to be applied.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank


    911 conspiracy, admission.

    propaganda for Americans: Their Info WAR.


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