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    Monday, August 25, 2008

    Rocket attack by Taliban kills 10 in NW Pakistan

    Rocket attack by Taliban kills 10 in NW Pakistan

    ISLAMABAD, Aug. 25 (Xinhua) -- Up to ten people were killed in a rocket attack by Taliban in northwest Pakistan on Monday, according to private DAWN NEWS TV channel.

    The rocket attack targeted the house of a local member of provincial assembly (MPA) in Swat valley in North West Frontier Province.

    As a result of the attack, MPA Waqar Ahmed's brother and other family members were killed, according to DAWN NEWS.

    The Bajaur chapter of a militant group Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan Sunday unilaterally ceased fire with security forces and offered peace talks with the government. However, Pakistani government rejected their offer.

    The Taliban have the upper hand and should be put on the list of banned organizations in Pakistan, said Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Co-Chairman and presidential candidate Zardari in a interview with a foreign media on Sunday.  



    Where did the rockets come from?


    IRAN??? Across the Paki, Iran border?

    Iran has crossed red line


    UPDATE: One of our sources fills us in:

    I looked at the pics of the damage, very little charring, no craters, almost certainly they were Katyusha rockets. They are coming in from Uzbekistan, sold from the Russian Army for heroin. They were using them over the Durand Line but our return fire was so effective they largely stopped. The launchers are hard to come by so they don't use them on us very often.

    They have a range of about 28 km., 6 kg. warhead, very accurate at 4-5 km. Been around since 1941. Likely also it was mainly a mortar attack.


    Probably not IRAN.

    Political & transportation map of the Middle East today

    Pakistan’s Dr Nuke bids for the presidency
    Times Online - UK
    Last week a group of lawyers in the Pakistani city of Lahore marched in support of Khan’s candidacy. His actual election, requiring a majority vote in the ...


    When we hit Iran, they will open the borders in Afghan and Paki and send in Qods

    to support the Taliban. But may not be a big problem. Target troops and supplies

    as they cross the border into Paki and Afghan. And Iran will have its hands full

    trying to fight back, re-activate Command and Control.

    We would then have Two fronts, Iran and the Durand line.

    Our only objectives in Iran, kill the nuclear sites and defensive against WWII

    era weapons, something USA is real good at.




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