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    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    Cyber war, Cyber attacks, Russia

    Photo by Gerald

    Cyber war, Cyber attacks, Russia.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Aug 13, 08

    Georgia has been under heavy cyber attack even before the out break of military activities.

    Some of the web sites have been moved to Atlanta, Georgia - Tulip Systems, Inc.
    They are better suited to handling the traffic volume, our sources there say last night was the heaviest so far. And Russian servers are being cut off from the WWW. They will be releasing a list of attacking servers and PC's.

    90% of the attacks are coming from Russia and the other 10% from the rest of the world.

    Other sources indicate while there has been a cease fire, the Internet attacks have not let up.

    The paradigm fitting Russia's actions indicates Russia is not done, and will leave behind a "Peace keeping force. And call for the current Georgian President to resign.

    The rest of the paradigm suggest other Russian military operations in other break-away nations.
    Latvia is at risk. Russia has been handing out "passports" for there, thereby giving them an excuse to intervene to protect "their people, Russians".

    Another paradigm this suggest is one we have pointed out before, how an WWW attack is a level above WMD.

    GWOT weakest link

    There are economic sanctions, and ECONOMIC SANCTIONS.
    Cutting a country off from the Internet would be a economic crippling blow.
    And we have seen the pieces activated piece meal which point to the possibility of shutting down the WWW, for months.

    Cutting Iran off from the Internet could bring their banking centers to its knees.
    And would cause problems even selling their oil.
    Their infrastructure would crumble slowly over time but it would cripple them.

    It could also be crippling if it happened to the world, if the WWW went down,
    Bring it back up would also re-activate the bots that would be causing the attack.
    Causing it to go back down again.

    It would take considerable time to work out some work around for the bot attacks problem.
    As no one has done any contingency planning for the WWW to go down. Thru bots and physical attacks.

    There was a DNS bug which created a skeleton key across all Web sites. This has been under played in the news, SLQ injection has help create the most infected number of computers on the WWW in its short history.Security Epidemic: SLQ INJECTION

    And the number of new vectors for infection races far ahead of the security the big Security companys sell us. Race to Root.

    CYBERWARS's Pearl Harbour

    Talk about 5GW.

    Our Cyber war capabilities paradigm.
    Russia's Cyber war capablities are the most sophisticated in the World ( assuming they inherited the RBN, Russian Business net ) but pale in compares to China's volume of bots.
    USA leads in penetration/physical attacks, but their bots are virtually non-existent.
    I think we, the think tank, have more bots than the US government, and we have BSU's available.

    Lots of work to do.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Web down, = Shortwave & CBs.

    Russia's first oil war.

    More Technical look at the cyber attack in Georgia.Dancho Danchev's Blog.
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    Dancho Danchev

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