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    Wednesday, July 30, 2008

    RAND misses the boat, D+ grade

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    In a new study by RAND the nonpartisan Corp. says USA has it all wrong in the GWOT, in fact they say its not a WAR, but should be an investigative function. RAND is using an old paradigm.

    The study was based in part on an analysis of more than 600 terrorist movements tracked over decades by Rand and the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism. From 1968 on, before the Internet, and aQ is the only terrorist org that has had a search for WMD.

    The terrorist from 1970's and 80's even the early 90's era bare only a nominal comparison to aQ and the Taliban. Apples and Oranges, and we can't get this wrong.

    Rand argues the Military may not be needed at all, or at least a smaller foot print.

    Rands paradigm rings false, out of tune with current conditions.

    In the past dealing with terror groups there was not much of a concern about terrorist using
    WMD, or employing the Internet for survial thru world wide recruiting.

    Because of the WMD potential and Iran's diligent work towards a nuke, there are many time constraints.

    The GWOT does not have unlimited time, if al Qaeda survives long enough at some point they
    will have WMD.

    Paki ISI involvement with the terrorists provide an example of why the Military must be involved. Neither the CIA nor the FBI are equipped to strike at targets deep in side Paki.
    The only reason the CIA and FBI can operate there is BECAUSE of the US Military presents.

    The mere presents of the Mililary in Afgahn and near Paki have denied al Qaeda and the
    Taliban the ability to mass forces, and concentrate on targets en mass.

    Neither the FBI or the CIA have the Militarys resources, manpower or crushing power world wide. Without which the terrorists would have established armys around the world.

    RAND is operating from an old paradigm and has not mixed WMD and the Internet into their
    If it wasn't for the Internet al Qaeda would have died a natural death years ago. The internet provides here to fore unknown ability to recruit world wide, and a very resilient C2 struture, never seen before.

    Rand doesn't even mention the WWW or how WMD figure into the Paradigm.
    And the major news outlets bleat like sheep the RAND study, completely lacking any critical thinking.Two words "Bosnia and Herzegovina".

    Rands new study D+ marks, not current, and using old paradigms to define curent NEW situation. Missing two key elements, WWW and WMD.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

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