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    Monday, June 02, 2008

    Ops and Intel update

    For the history buffs
    Biny's last cell phone number was

    00873 682 505 331


    The last probable sighting was in late 2001, when special forces and Afghan allies pursued a "tall man on a horse" into the mountains of Tora Bora,


    Pentagon withdrew the Fifth Special Forces Group – the only commando team with soldiers conversant in Pashto, Dari and Arabic – to replace them with the Seventh Group, whose main operational tongue is Spanish.

    Bits and pieces,G


    Taliban have no HONOR

    KABUL, Afghanistan — Shauker Ullah says he agreed to blow himself up in March.

    He did not know how to drive a car or read a book. His only schooling was four months in a Pakistani Islamic madrassa, where he learned to recite the Quran but not the meaning of its verses. After a few promises, he agreed to go across the border to Afghanistan and kill foreign soldiers.

    Ullah was 14.


    Taliban have no HONOR

    "They're using kids, they're using drug addicts, they're using people who are mentally ill, mentally challenged," said Humayun Hamidzada, the spokesman for Afghan President Hamid Karzai.


    Last summer, Karzai pardoned a 14-year-old Pakistani boy who planned a suicide attack in Afghanistan after being recruited in a Pakistani madrassa.

    Last June, militants in the southeastern Afghan city of Ghazni forced a 6-year-old boy to wear an explosives vest and told him to walk up to U.S. soldiers.

    Taliban have no HONOR

    After asking Afghan soldiers for help, the boy said he was told that when he pressed the button, flowers would shoot out, officials said at the time.

    Militants on both sides of the border appear to be using young people.


    One of the first suspects arrested in December's slaying of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was 15, from near the tribal areas of Pakistan.

    Taliban have no HONOR

    A video circulated on the Internet last year showing a boy from remote southwestern Pakistan, near Afghanistan's border, cutting off the head of a man accused of being a U.S. spy. The boy was purportedly 12, and the incident drew condemnation from Pakistani officials and international organizations like UNICEF.

    In February, the Pakistani army found evidence of militants training children age 9 to 15, said Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas, the Pakistani army's spokesman.

    Taliban have no HONOR

    After overrunning a training camp in South Waziristan, soldiers recovered videos of teachers telling about 15 children why they should become suicide bombers.


    The Pakistani army has rescued several children from the settled areas near South Waziristan who were kidnapped by militants to become suicide bombers, he said.

    Taliban have no HONOR

    A teen willing to die
    Abdullah, 17, who like many Afghans has no last name, had never been to school when he was recruited a year ago from his home in southeastern Paktika province, a Taliban stronghold. Abdullah said a 25-year-old friend spent more than 10 days explaining why he should launch a suicide attack.


    The boy said he was recruited in March by two clerics from his madrassa, just after he finished learning to recite the Quran.

    Because the book is in Arabic, Ullah said he had no idea what any of the words meant, but the clerics told him the next step to becoming a good Muslim was to blow himself up near foreign forces in Afghanistan.

    Taliban have no HONOR

    He said the clerics told him that if he was a good Muslim, he would survive the attack. When he came home, he would be well paid and have everything he wanted.

    "They said it was required because I finished the Quran," Ullah said. "I didn't want to go. They didn't let me talk to my family."


    But before Ullah could launch an attack—on March 20, to coincide with the Afghan New Year — the explosives-filled car stalled in a dry riverbed.

    Afghan security forces stumbled upon it and arrested Ullah, the cleric and the medical student.

    Ullah said he doesn't want to attack anyone anymore.

    "I don't even know what jihad is," he said. "I really want to go home."


    It is clear:

    Taliban have no HONOR



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