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    Tuesday, April 01, 2008

    al Qaeda the Party is over, time to clean up.

    al Qaeda, Taliban the Party is over, time to clean up.

    As Paki goes From Counter-Terrorism to Counterinsurgency,

    We will see the Taliban seperate its self from al Qaeda.
    Talibans struggle is just a local problem, Afghan and Paki.

    The Taliban are or will be talking to the Paki Government,
    and the Paki Taiban have already refused al Qaeda in Afghan.

    Causing the crack in the Taliban al Qaeda alliance.
    There may have been some bombings already against Taliban leaders
    in Paki by al Qaeda.

    al Qaeda is spread very thin around the world, hard core battle tested cadre
    are hard to come by, aQ is running with 3 and 4th level cadre.
    And anyone they can recruit else where.
    al Qaeda is breaking in the other parts of the world, a few spots
    a temporary flare of violence here and there but mostly police actions.

    Taliban have turned on the Pakis and the new tool of terror is the Suicide
    bomber, but Paki is much different than Iraq. The suicide bomber in Paki
    is not the hero of Iraq, but viewed much in the same way as Westerners view

    Taliban have a brief period of time a honey moon period with the NEW Paki
    Government. The Paki Intelligence services are gearing up for a war of attrition against the Taliban if they don't make peace. And the Taliban change sides and double cross each other
    like kids on a tetter totter. And with American money they have the means to influence and motivate the Taliban to rat on each other and al Qaeda eventually.

    As al Qaeda treachery against the Taliban becomes know, guests turning against the host,
    Taliban will start killing alQaeda and turning them in.

    al Qaeda is shell of its former self, depleted cadre, and reduced to using kids and women
    as suicide bombers, and tricking new recruits into becoming unknowing suicide bombers.

    al Qaeda's cyber troops are in disarray, captured or killed or missing and the Taliban Internet
    services are in even worse condition. Media arms almost wiped out, videos way down and even Biny and Zee have been forced to abondon real videos reduced to sound tracks on still pictures or sound tracks only, some without translation.

    The terrorist media arm is broken.

    They have realized the risks of the Internet, which has provided Western Intelligence access to
    the most secret data and operations. The Internet has become a trap for terrorist, as they bite the dust, just disappear with the help of the CIA.

    The terrorist are crippled and trying tio hide it but all the signs are there.
    Biny trying to stir up the Ummah with arguments about images of Mohammad
    among the unbelievers. Grasping at straws.
    While the Ummah see al Qaeda killing Moslems, bombing Mosques and market places killing women and children even civilians and beheadings.

    al Qaeda doesn't know what to do they have tried everything from murding Moslems, threating them, ordering them , arguing with them, talking to them, begging them.

    al Qaeda has about run out of Ideas, the cartoons was the refuge of last resort.

    Islam has rejected al Qaeda, Biny has no where to turn they are in their death throes, and now turning to criminals and easily influenced kids.

    A cadre that will turn on them first chance they get a better offer.


    note to Goolge this was hand typed, why is the formatting screwed up?G

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