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    Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    $10 billion UDS Great Game.

    The Great Game:

    What is it like from the Paki side?

    USA has been pouring in money to the tune of $10,000,000,000.00 so far.
    Thats 10 billion. thats a little less than 2 billion dollars a year,
    Thats more than 150 million dollars a month.
    And thats about 40 million dollars a week.
    Which is 8 million dollars per working day ( taking off the Week Ends )
    Not bad for an 8 hr day, 1 million dollars an hour.
    ( And this doesn't count what the CIA is flooding the country with. )

    In a county that most live on $2 dollars a day.

    They have been playing the Great Game for about 200 years, since 1811.
    ( Historians say since 1813, but I figure they were at it for at least a couple of years
    before anyone knew. )

    The spy game for 200 years. Thats 5 generations?

    And the Goal of the Great Game from the Paki side is to
    get paid for information.

    If you look at it from this perspective then they are having the best years EVER.

    You need a connection, someone who will pay for information.
    And to keep your eyes and ears open and a way to communicate.

    Of course you and I wouldn't sell out.
    Its easy to have ethics and integrity, and utmost confidence in your ability to resist, especially if you've never been tested..

    Some one brings in a heavy briefcase stacked with $100 dollar bills. And opens it in front of you.
    When I was a broker I was wiring $3 million dollars back to a client.
    I actually though about IT, for 30 seconds, so I know my price, if I have one is above $3,000,000.00 dollars.

    A brief case with a million dollars in it is just like filling it with two huge phone books, a very handsome weight.
    I would imagine very pleasant to heft.

    But its a very dangerous game, executions, bombs, assassinations.

    There is more money in the country than ever before in history.

    After the elections the question won't be will Paki work with America but,
    how much more money can Paki get with new leaders, new negotiations?

    On some level they don't want to get rid of the terrorists, but want to control them.
    And the Taliban is used to selling out for the right Price and enough force against them,
    they have a demonstrated history of switching sides if the price is right. Outlined in this Book. "Jawbreaker".

    There is alot of wealth in Pakistan,
    And what better way to attract anti-terror funds than have the definition of terror its self
    living in your country, the BRAND name of terrorism its self, Bin Laden.

    Paki Not looking for Biny

    Paki knows the level of terrorism will drop world wide when Biny, Zee and Omar are taken out.
    And so will the funding for the GWOT drop as terrorism does.
    So the trick becomes how to keep enough terrorism active to attract the big anti-terrorism dollars, without risking loosing your wealth or life to violence.
    How to best control this Taliban army that will fight in Kashmir in case of trouble, but also
    is very violent, suicide bombers, beheadings, etc. And lacks integrity, can't be trusted.

    Paki has let a wolf into the house and are trying to train it before it eats them.
    They may get serious when the Taliban wolf chews the Paki leg off.

    On the other hand they have playing the Great Game for 200 years.
    USA are not playing with amateurs here, but world class professionals.
    The Great Game, New biggest game ever, now being played for Billions.


    Long Term the Taliban have lost.
    I remember reading about a Former Taliban leader inviting one of the Big
    news paper reporters to see where he was going to build a $5 million dollar hotel.
    Right near Tora Bora.
    The former war lord arrived at the reporters hotel with a few pickup trucks full of armed men. And raced to the site near Tora Bora, a quick look around and whisked
    him back to the safety of his hotel.

    The Taliban can't have $5 million dollar tourist atractions and violence.
    Just isn't going to happen. At the same time when there was war in Lebanon USA evacuated, what 20,000 Americans? All living in the heart of the Middle East, and no one
    had touched them, an arms reach for al Qaeda.

    This was one tourist mecca that was untouchable, even Americans
    were safe. They were an economic asset and their value was recognized as such.
    al Qaeda had a hands off order for Americans there, and someone had the
    power/muscle to enforce it.

    Capitalism will beat the Taliban long term, some day we will go on tours
    of Taliban battle fields with Taliban guides, and eat with Taliban war lords,
    and shoot AK-47s for the price of a tour, and everyone will be safe.

    ( comment: I typed this directly into my blog, and google.blogs messes up the formatting,
    What do I expect for free, quit complaining, if I type it up in google Email, and cut and paste its fine...? )

    Pakistan - Islamic Rule Ushered Out With Celebrations


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