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    Saturday, December 01, 2007

    Possible Future, Paradigm Intel: WWIII

    Possible Future: Paradigm Intel:

    Very difficult year ahead. The final assault on Islamo Nazis.

    As Iraq Military builds USA will draw down troops and send them to Afghan.
    But the Talibans Stealth border, the Durand Line will continue to give the Taliban an advantage.
    Pakti maybe in a make or break stage with the Taliban.
    If Taliban does take Pakti then USA has an open field to attack Talibam in Pakti.

    Al Qaeda gears up for an European offensive, possible dirty bombs.

    And Iran must be attacked before they get Nukes.
    UPDATE: 12.04.07 no attack:
    An all out air strike to reduce Iran's Military to rubble, and kill leaders without taking out the civilian infrastructure
    Qods and IRRG must be hit the hardest, reducing their capabilities.
    Iran will attempt a futile effort to block Hormuz strait.
    If Iran isn't hit hard enough they will attempt suicide dirty bombs, and provied al Qaeda with same.
    EMP available if it turns bad.

    Wild card China dumping Dollar.

    USA Mexico border crisis continues to worsen, some state will call out National Guard.

    Saudi Arabia bringing on world wide recession with high oil prices, tighten your belts its going to be a bumpy ride. ( $200 bbl )

    Scary but not un-manageable.
    USA not quite ready.

    USA's "Info WAR" arm still weak.

    Outside risk, WWW shut down

    Pakti Paranoia:

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Think this book will have any impact?

    9:04 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    "Revisions to Jihad in Egypt and the World"

    Short first post book

    10:05 PM  

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