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    Saturday, December 29, 2007

    Exclusive: Bin Landen on a ventlator, trachea

    Video with still pic of Biny:
    Delivered in a monotone, no enthusiasm, tired, from a well read script.
    Slight echo, still believe he is reading this in a small cave, same locatation as last time.
    Going to attack Israel, al Qaeda is about to get their ass handed to them.

    There must be something wrong with his physical appearance ( wounded, maimed sick ), it takes no effort to video rather than record.

    He is on a ventalor he has a Trachea.
    The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

    The very first sound you hear on the vid is the ventilator.
    A respiratory therapist should be able to tell you the model from the sound.
    Bird at 11:21 to 11:24
    Baby birds at 11:46
    Bird 13:34 & 13: 40
    Three matches lit between 48: and 49:11, a hazzard with O2 around.
    20:46 someone steps on dried leaf.
    At about 18:00 on you can hear the faint traces of a ventilator, Biny has a trachea.
    which also means a Nebulizer.
    At 26:00 on it can be heard clearly, the breath between phrases.
    Use your ear buds, on high.
    You can hear the mechanical breath as the ventilator re-pressurizes his lungs.
    Background noise ventilator compressor, breathing for Biny.
    Update: the noise could his O2 compressor...?
    Ventilator means he cannot breathe for himself.

    Birds at 32:28

    More breaking. Video soon to be released.
    Got it thank you Jawa
    ....Thanks for the heads up Howie.




    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Interesting thought, but it sounds like he's just short of breath to me. I turned up the volume and used a pair of headphones - you can clearly hear him taking in breaths which wouldn't be the case were he on a respirator.

    What is encouraging however is that he has been reduced to making these silly rambling recordings. He comes across as pathetic and weak.

    11:25 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    The sound is mechanical to me and doesn't seem to come from same source as voice.

    I have some experience with a
    ventilator and trachea.

    The sound is methodical and automated.


    11:31 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...


    Noise could be his O2 compressor?

    2:21 AM  
    Blogger Howie said...

    I'm not sure. There are some weird things in the background. I can hear like a Darth Vader noise. However if he's on a respirator would the phrases no be even more start and stop. I'm thinking of Christopher Reeve speaking while using one. He had much more pronounced pauses. Due to his paralysis?

    9:56 AM  

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