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    Thursday, October 11, 2007


    USA news sources 7 days behind events and Anti-American.

    The news about the White American training terrorist in Somalia we posted 7 days ago.

    Part of the problem maybe lack of involvement.

    The Military knows about embedding news reporters.
    In World War II the American people were effectively embedded, with ration coupons, metal drives, collecting pots and pans.

    The American people were part of the battle and asked to sacrifice for victory, there were even victory gardens.

    In the current GWOT the people were asked to shop, not to let the economy flag.

    The Dems are anti-Bush and that is exhibiting its self in anti-American activities.
    Like the Genocide bill and Turkey.

    A non-binding resolution saying that the World War I-era killings constituted a "genocide". Non-binding, why even bother, and why NOW???
    The measure jeopardizes relations with an important ally at a time Turkey's cooperation in Iraq and Afghanistan are crucial. And could effect the safty of our troops in Iraq. 70 percent of U.S. air cargo headed for Iraq -- including 95 percent of new mine-resistant vehicles -- goes through Turkey, and Turkish reaction to the resolution could put those supply lines in jeopardy.

    Committee chairman Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.) sponsor of the bill, could be carring the weight of Dead American troops on his conscience from his ANTI-TROOP ATTITUDES.
    On May 3, 2000, Lantos was involved in an automobile accident while driving on Capitol Hill. Lantos drove over a young boy's foot and then failed to stop his vehicle. He was later fined over the incident for inattentive driving, not hit and run but "inattentive driving". What would they have charged you or I with?

    Everyone has known about this Genocide since about 1919, and Lantos feels the need for some public attention NOW and puts American troops in danger for some political mileage and some anti-Bush points. On an issue that can be brought up anytime in the future.
    What do you think about Tom endangering American troops?
    You can contact Lantos here.

    Part of the problem maybe al Qaeda's successfully propaganda campaign, some Americans maybe believing what they have been putting out. WHY WOULD TOM BRING THIS UP NOW.

    While I'm on my soap box I hope al Qaeda doesn't hook up with the "League of American 14 year old boys", I think it is a direct result of government meddling,

    When I went to school you had respect or dealt with the Nuns ruler, we got smacked, slapped and hit. Didn't hurt us and and we had respect and never shot anyone. NRA even sponsored after school target practice 50 cents. Would we dare do that today?

    If someone hits a kid today for disrespect they call the cops, the first time a kid is held responsible for his actions is when he turns 18 and is sent to prison. What a waste.

    I mouthed off to the Milkman one day when I was around 14 and he chased me thru the neighborhood and kicked me in the ass, I didn't mouth off again. Today the punks are so mouthy cause they know they won't be held responsible for their mouth, and there is no consequences to being a punk.

    And the schools just don't teach "critical thinking". As evidenced by the 911 conspirators and other confused bodys mouthing other terrorist lines.

    And the publics belief that "LAWS" stop crime.
    Gun control laws to "protect" the public.
    If gun control laws worked we would have

    If laws stopped crime there would be no bank robbers.
    Laws punish criminals not stop crime.

    And when an assassin goes to a school to kill kids,
    it must bring him some relief, FEELING OF SAFETY knowing it is
    and his gun will be the only one there,
    I mean its so much safer/easier for the assassin.

    When did the public loose its ability
    for critical thinking.?


    USA gave Japan, Germany and Kuwait back to their people and didn't steal any oil or natural resources, but now they think USA is going to steal Iraqs oil???

    USA screws up plenty enough by accident, SNAFU, but I just don't understand how Americans can believe what AQ puts out.

    And I have noticed the reporters don't know what they are talking about, ask stupid questions, and make statements based on sound bytes not research and then interrupt guest speakers just no common sense.

    I remember during the first gulf war, a reporter talking to Saddam, an exclusive, he was getting ready to say he was going to release the American captives, and the reporter broke for a commerical.

    And during one of the first embed news broadcasts the Female reporter was interupting the reporter who was under fire with some inane question, I sent her an email telling her to "shut to hell up" when the embed reporter was talking that when he was talking she had nothing to say that "WE" wanted to hear. After that she never interrupted an embed reporter again.

    Fox O'riley , every time I come across him channel surfing I just change the channel, thats a very powerful response to his methods, the clown of spin, just change the channel.
    If enough do that he will be gone.

    Misleading Reporting:

    NEWS: No guts, cowards.

    USA has a war the public is not 'EMBEDDED' WITH....

    And the Government is loosing the publics support.


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