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    Wednesday, October 24, 2007



    Biny admits errors because he is not getting cooperation from other insurgent groups.They have come to recognize al Qaeda for what it is. And aQ is no friend to insurgents, it want s to be MASTER.

    Lets look at Binys requirement for a hidding place.

    Isolated, no action that could lead to accidental discovery.
    No terrorist actions that could draw ops into his area.
    Large covered area so he can go outside without fear of satlite discovery.
    No large al Qaeda or Taliban presence that could draw ops.
    Not cross roads area where a passerby could discover clues about him,
    low traffic location.No reporters, and strangers driven away by custom, so as not to attract attention. And would have no or very few news stories about area.
    Place where Permits for trophy hunting were all bought up by locals, so outsiders won't hunt there. ( Toshi Game Reserve in Chitral for $81,000, showing an increase of $24,000 against the previous year rate of $57,000, informed NWFP Wildlife Department Chief Conservator Dr Mumtaz Malik.... Was it bought by a local? G )

    Ok so USA might be looking for area without known Talibi or al Qaeda presents.
    No waring, or trouble, isolated, few visitors.
    Out of the way untraveled area.

    What agency in the NWFP does this fit, readers please comment.
    It's NOT Waziristan.


    USA is loosing the war for the hearts and minds of Muslims.
    Look at the propaganda effort aQ is putting out for the minds and hearts of the Weatern block.
    All in English.
    Where is the same effort for the Arabic speaking minds of the Middle East?
    USA isn't in this battle on the Internet. Where are the HOT websites for the war effort in Arabic? The USA side of the story in Arabic?

    USA can't win the war for the minds and hearts of Arabic speaking demographic if they are not speaking to them.

    So far it has been the "civilian" sector.

    Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group

    Has been taking up the slack, underfunded, under staffed and over worked and not appreciated.

    USA miltary has the natural HOTNESS, ( but maybe not the knowledge ) and draw to set up a HOT Iraq, Afghan, etc war sites, and draw millions of hits from the Middle East, appeal the the minds to which the hearts are attached to.

    So far USA is a no show and al Qaeda is the default winner.
    And USA doesn't understand why they are loosing the war for hearts and minds?

    Who controls the Internet Paradigm?


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    Blogger Cannoneer No. 4 said...

    Totally unfunded momandpop with a small but appreciated readership.

    Sympathetic civilians who support the troops AND the mission speaking politically incorrect truths for those who can't.

    Our non-state actors are smarter than their non-state actors.

    7:50 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Great collection of links, super job.

    We all fight the GREAT fight.

    4:33 PM  

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