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    Sunday, October 28, 2007

    Malware Embedded Magazines

    A Portfolio of Malware Embedded Magazines

    This is perhaps my most important discovery of malware embedded sites farm in a while, at least in respect to the potential impact it is currently having on the unprotected visitors browsing the sites of Possibility Media's portfolio of online magazines, which are pretty weird content by themselves. Possibility Media's (now owned by GM Media Worldwide Inc.) 24 online publications are currently serving embedded malware in the form of IFRAMEs on each and every domain, a logical development given they're all hosted on a single server ( The affected domains include the - Business Computing Magazine - Communications World Magazine - Service Provider Weekly - Web Week Magazine - PC News Weekly - IT Week Magazine - Communication Week Magazine - IP World Magazine - Network Week Magazine - The Best PC - Technology Week Magazine - The Internet Standard - Security Standard - The IT Standard - Hosting Week - Enterprise Week - Computer News - The Internet Standard - CE Week Magazine - Ebusiness Magazine - Health Care IT Magazine - Service Provider Magazine

    SOURCE Danchev

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