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    Thursday, October 25, 2007


    NOORDWIJK, The Netherlands - When NATO put out a call for more equipment in southern Afghanistan, it was expecting guns and helicopters - not cameras and video-cataloguing gear.

    But that's what it got from Denmark: an offer of 1 million euros, or about C$1.4 million, to buy video equipment that will ultimately be used to deliver documented Taliban outrages to a television near you - or to the popular video website U-Tube.

    At the end of a two-day informal meeting of defence ministers in the Netherlands, NATO's secretary general reiterated Thursday that the alliance needs to do a better job in public relations both in home countries and Afghanistan.

    "What we can do is improve our public messaging," Jaap de Hoop Scheffer told reporters.

    "Part of that public messaging could be to show to the people - and they can draw their own conclusions - what our opponent, our enemy in Afghanistan, looks like; what they do."

    He accused the Taliban of performing "the most horrendous human rights violations."

    Two weeks ago, de Hoop Scheffer made a pitch to declassify video surveillance footage shot by NATO forces throughout the Afghan conflict. Allied countries have a variety of electronic intelligence-gathering means at their disposal.

    The Danes responded with an initiative to provide equipment to transfer and catalogue existing video taken by the various countries involved in fighting the insurgency war. There will also be cameras so that more video can be shot.

    The alliance, for all its high-tech hardware and gizmos, does not have such a facility right now, said Canadian Col. Brett Boudreau, a spokesman for Gen. Ray Henault, head of NATO's military council.
    Faced with sagging support in countries like Canada and the Netherlands for the Afghan mission, NATO sees the videos as a way of shoring up public opinion

    Lets hope NATO make full use of equiptment.
    Give every trooper a vid phone, upload every thing to NATO.

    Why has NATO CLASSIFIED Talbi ourages?
    NATO apparently possesses a trove of classified, clandestine footage.

    USE IT.


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