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    Friday, August 31, 2007

    Look at what al Qeda is...web sites DOWN

    Look at what al Qeda is. Just a bunch of criminalized terrorists, no different than any other terrorists.
    Except they latched on to the WWW and have a good understanding of "VIRTUAL" Groups.

    They can make a hand full of warped jahidists look like an Army.
    And they pay bountys for Attack videos, huge sums.
    More on that here.

    Seems someone is moving to take out AQ and Taliban's Command and Control, killing every terrorist web site in sight.

    It also seems many of the terrorist webmasters have met with death, and not a martyr.

    Rusty of mypetjawa has a nice piece on it.

    I'm still looking for the Bounty on the heads of the terrorist webmasters.
    We will welcome the money, maybe retroactive?


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