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    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    When USA leaves Iraq = WAR. Al Qaeda vs Iran

    When USA does leave Iran it will be Persians vs Arabs.
    Sunni vs Shiite.
    Which is why the Arabs want AQ out of their countries but fund them in Iraq.
    It keeps USA power in check and trains Arab fighters for war after USA leaves.
    Qods vs Al qaeda

    Iran has infiltrated Iraq

    Iraq thinks they will have the edge as they hope to have a Nuke by the time
    USA leaves Iraq.

    The Iraqi security forces are infiltrated with both Sunni and Shiite agents.

    AQ is in place to take on the Iranians when USA leaves,

    Need some proof?

    Editor of Kuwaiti Daily: Arab Countries Must Join Forces to Counter Iranian Threat

    In an article published in the Kuwaiti daily Al-Siyassa and in the English-language Kuwaiti daily Arab Times, the editor-in-chief of both papers, Ahmad Al-Jarallah, wrote that Iran was increasingly taking control of countries in the Middle East - including Gaza, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt and the Gulf states - in order to strengthen its position in future negotiations with the U.S. over its nuclear program. In his article, he said that Arab countries must convene a summit to counter this threat, and must "hit the head of the snake in Tehran."

    The following are excerpts from the Arab Times article, in the original English: [1]

    "Tehran Will Gain Complete Control Over Iraq When the U.S.-Led Coalition Forces Leave Iraqi Soil"

    "The entire Arab world is in danger, after becoming the epicenter of Iran's policies. Iranian dictator Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's aggressive policies confirm our fears. Many issues which concern only Arabs have now fallen into the hands of Iran. After Hamas, using weapons, separated Gaza from the West Bank, the Palestinian issue has become a property of Tehran.

    "By seizing control of Nouri Al-Maliki's government, Iran has made Iraq a pawn in its hands. As a result, Iran is in a position where it can match the presence of the Unites States in Iraq. In other words, Tehran will gain complete control over Iraq when the U.S.-led coalition forces leave Iraqi soil.

    "The issue of Lebanon, which is fighting for freedom, sovereignty and independence, has also become a trump card for Iran due to Hizbullah, which played the role of a Trojan horse in allowing Tehran's influence to sneak into the Lebanese fort.

    "Currently, Iran is trying to extend its aggressive policies to all the Gulf countries and to Egypt, in a bid to use this economically vital region as an ace up its sleeve in its negotiations with the United States, when the time comes. This raises the question: Why are Arab countries not taking any steps or holding a summit to wrest control of these issues, which essentially belong to them? Arab countries have not done anything except send the secretary-general of the Arab League, Amr Moussa, to Lebanon, where he achieved nothing."

    "The Battle is No Longer [Only] Between Iran and the U.S. - It Now Includes... All Arab Countries"

    "Leaders of all Arab countries should hold a summit to prevent Iran from stealing Arab issues. They should tell Tehran to focus on its internal affairs instead of interfering in the affairs of other countries.

    "The battle is no longer between Iran and the United States. It now includes Iran, Israel and all Arab countries... Whenever the U.S. forces Iran into a corner over its nuclear program, Tehran works hard to shift this battle to Arab countries.

    "All Arab countries, except Syria, are convinced that Iran has stolen their issues. Iran's policies, which were active in Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon, are now expanding to Egypt and the Gulf states. We cannot forget the three islands which rightfully belong to the United Arab Emirates; the recent assault on a Kuwaiti diplomat in Tehran; or who made the Palestinians die twice - once at the hands of the Israelis and a second time at the hands of their own brothers. Are these not reasons enough to hold an Arab summit, and hit the head of the snake in Tehran without any fear?"

    Arabs know they have a mad rottweiler in their midst, AQ but can they keep it on a chain?
    or will it attack them too.


    Heavy cyber weapons team on alert, tracking team armed.



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