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    Thursday, July 12, 2007

    A; Qaeda communications paradigm shift

    Al Qaeda's Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri issued a new videotape on Wednesday titled "The Aggression against Lal Masjid".
    This message is focused on the clashes between the Pakistan Army and Islamic students at the Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) in Pakistan, in which Al-Zawahiri calls upon Pakistani Muslims to rise up and take revenge against the Pakistani Army and the Pakistani government for their actions against the Lal Masjid mosque. Al-Zawahiri stated: "Muslims of Pakistan: your salvation is only through Jihad".

    This 4 minute, 24 second address is the third in seven days, and the 10th this year by Al-Zawahiri.

    Process: Al Qaeda's #1, Al-Zawahiri ( binny is DEAD ) is now issuing orders to cells directly over the Internet. As an expedient some now are just audio tapes, with a still pic of Zawahiri.

    No need for cammera, Just record his voice and his media arm attaches it to pic in video and broadcasts it over the Internet.

    He now has ability to react to events in almost real time, this is the 3rd in 7 days.

    With this method he does not even need a connection to the terror cell, or even know whom they are, they will get the broadcast.

    Fewer risks than sending a letter or even a messenger.

    He records a mesage on a stick recorder and the message is handed off to 3 maybe 4 agents.
    Before delivered to his media arm.

    Something to note is the message is 24 seconds long....spur of the moment message?

    It still takes time to physically move from Zawahiri to his media arm, few min, to turn it to video, and time to upload it to 20 servers, 5 or 6 hours min. to get message out.

    He is now able to communicate directly anywhere in the world, as the news also picks up his messages and brosdcasts them, And he doesn't even need to know whom he is talking to.
    I fact his message could sprout "home grown" cells on demand.

    Or put sleeper cells into operation.

    Taking out his media arm continually becomes more inportant, destroying his Command and control means.


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