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    Tuesday, July 24, 2007

    Noise and Chatter

    "al Qaeda" mentioned in Arabic:

    6 Months:


    Al Qaeda "BRAND" IN DECLINE SINCE 911.

    AQ fears becoming irrelevant.

    At one time "al Qaeda" was the pre-eminent terrorist group, and worked
    hard to remain so. Binny declared war on USA and USA didn't notice for
    one or two years and 3 or 4 attacks.
    Most embarrassing for a world renowned terrorist.

    So Binny kept escalating the violence till he got USA's attention.

    Even the when the war in Iraq threatened their #1 standing they
    reverted to more horrific actions to get the spotlight back, Be-headings.

    al Qaeda dilutes the "brand name" every time they join another group and
    usurp its name.

    Not the REAL al qaeda but the "al Qaeda of Iraq" or the "al qaeda of the

    The Brand name was further soiled when they started killing women,
    children and bombing Mosques and market places.

    The have even resorted to Inventing virtual gangs to try and stay relevant.

    They are loosing, the Brand is FADING..


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