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    Sunday, July 22, 2007

    Iran's self destruction, Flank speed

    Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki even stated that Iran aspires to become an exporter nuclear fuel, and said that "producing nuclear fuel is our essential goal, for we aim to supply some of the nuclear fuel....

    A June 10, 2007 editorial by Parviz Esmaili, editor of the Mehr news agency and of the Iranian foreign ministry's daily, Tehran Times, stated that Iran was currently operating about 1,640 centrifuges: "...Technically speaking, Iran is [now] in a completely different situation than it was when [Security Council] Resolution 1747 was issued... In the area of uranium enrichment, it has completed the stage of research and laboratory [experiments], and with the activation of 10 cascades and the successful injection of UF6, it has entered the industrial phase..."(31)

    "In April 2004, my students and I stayed at the Isfahan UCF and did not delay our work at all, out of our desire to give the Iranian people a real [nuclear] celebration... We wanted to produce 1,200 [kilograms] of yellow cake, and we [eventually] produced 1,230 kilograms... Once, our [only] wish was to produce [even] a single gram of yellow cake. Now we have 160 tons of UF6, and we are seventh [country] in the world to produce UF6..."(36)

    In a lecture in late May 2007 at Gilan University, Dr. Hassan Abbasi, a theoretician of Revolutionary Guards intelligence, and head of the Revolutionary Guards' Center for Doctrinaire Affairs of National Security, said that the U.S. would eventually be forced to accept Iran's status as a nuclear country, since it has completed the process of attaining nuclear capabilities: "Iran and America," he said, "are like two cars heading towards one another at great speed. Eventually, one of them will have to back down and [swerve]... During the recent period [of confrontation], Iran has been taking a [major] step every three months. First it activated the UCF in Isfahan, then the [Uranium Enrichment] Facility in Natanz and [finally] the heavy water [plant] in Arak, and thus crossed the nuclear threshold..."(37)

    On April 16, 2007, Sobh-e Sadeq published an editorial titled "A Nuclear Fuel Cycle on an Industrial [Scale] – Iran's Practical Answer to Resolution 1747," which analyzed the current state of Iran's nuclear program. The editorial emphasized that, in light of Ahmadinejad's announcement that Iran was producing nuclear fuel on an industrial scale, Iran could shift its nuclear program to a military track at any time, should the leaders of the regime wish to do so. The article also stated that, due to the Western pressures, Iran would develop its nuclear program in secret. (42)

    In parallel to the statements expressing Iran's determination to continue its nuclear program, and in response to the possibility of a Western military strike, Iranian security sources have threatened that such a strike would have dire consequences: America's allies in the Gulf would be attacked; Iran would allow terrorists from Al-Qaeda and other organizations free passage across its borders, thus giving them access to the entire Middle East; U.S. military bases in the region would be targeted; and Iran would cause oil prices to rise to $250 a barrel, which would be "a death blow" to the American and European economies.

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    IRAN is in for a big SURPRISE.


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