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    Saturday, July 07, 2007

    NICE Psyops, UK COPS

    Extremists could be UK cops:

    AS many as eight people thought to have links with extremists including al Qaeda are working for British police forces, according to reports.

    Sources claim MI5 has helped draw up a list of individuals working as officers or civilian staff for a number of forces including the Met.

    It is believed some of those on the list could have attended terrorist training camps in Afghanistan or Pakistan but have not been sacked because the police does not have legal power to do so.

    The Met said it had "robust" measures in place to vet staff.

    A Scotland Yard spokeswoman said: "All police officers and police staff, upon joining the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and during their careers, undergo a range of security checks.

    "These are robust and vary according to the type and sensitivity of the individual posting.

    "We take matters of security very seriously and if any issues arise about individuals they may be subject to further assessment.

    "This could lead to restrictions being put in place relating to where an individual may work in the organisation or could lead to their dismissal."

    She said anyone with substantiated evidence should pass on the information to them as a matter of urgency so it can be investigated.,,2-2007310417,00.html

    Nice Psyops, Cops chasing their tails, alienate their best counter-terrorist people, put a pall of suspicion over the cops. Nice JOB.


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