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    Tuesday, July 31, 2007

    Big risk, careful balance

    Big Risk:

    Paki, Boss there doesn't want USA attacking AQ in Waziristan, and he doesn't want to attack AQ either.

    If he is killed, over thrown or elected out of Office, USA could face an nuclear armed Islamicofascist state.

    So with the risks of being ousted/killed Pervez Musharraf elects not to attack AQ.

    What is this Paradigm?
    How is it balanced?

    The public part of this agreement is AQ and the tribal chiefs won't do anything, or go over border into Afghan, and Musharraf leaves them alone.
    The unspoken part is they won't try and over throw him either.
    If AQ or Taliban try insurgency to over throw him then he is going to go after them with everything he has.
    This is the "DEADLOCK", both side know what will happen if either goes for the other, and we have a stalemate.
    The interesting part is the Afghans tribal chiefs doesn't want Taliban or AQ in Afghan either.

    "an al-Qaeda network that has implanted itself brutally in Waziristan through the assassination of more than 100 tribal leaders during the past six years."

    So we have al Qaeda subjugating the Tribal areas in Waziristan thru force and murder, because it had no Government oversite in Patki, and its is to distant and
    difficult to get to.

    They terrorize the indigenous tribes and bribe and negotiate a seize fire with the Government, Patki.

    So Musharraf is opposed to anything that would upset this balance.
    UNLESS he were sure USA could take out AQ and Taliban with out reservation.

    USA is focusing on a work around for this Paradigm.


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