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    Saturday, July 14, 2007

    911 conspiracy, admission.

    A respected associate posted a vid on the 911 conspiracy, and I felt an obligation to view it.

    The video had some interesting points and Questions,

    But I just couldn't get past the Glaring inconsistencies.

    On one hand we have the worlds biggiest conspiracy,
    A huge BLACK ops, not only ran the operation, but the cover up also, and track what
    Binny was doing and timed perfectly to match exactly when old Binny crashed his jets.


    And had to have hundreds of players, all in on mass murder, treason, .

    And they can't keep the the story straight.

    The USA government I know is not that efficient.

    There would be helicopters crashing into each other like in the Iran rescue.
    Not enough heavy armour, like in Modqisiue.
    Or a Space Shuttle that burns up on re-entry
    Or an FBI that spends $700,000 to develop a computer program and then throws it out and buys something off the shelf.
    Or can't set a border between USA and Mexico.

    That Government Masterminded and ran this complicated, involved, black ops progrom.

    A General that doesn't want to CHARGE in, ( 7th Army ) like in Desert Storm.
    Leaves US citizens in captivity for 444 days in Iran. Carter.
    Or has the Col. North 'arms for captives', Blow up in there face.
    Or the President that bugged Dem. Headquarters, Nixon.
    Or outed a CIA operative, from the White House.
    Or a Prison putting panties on mens heads.
    Or the rape and murder of an Iraqi family.
    Or the President that couldn't get Head and keep it quite.
    They could not keep secret what Clinton did with his Cigar.

    The Government that coudn't keep thiose secrets.

    But they can keep secret mass murder, treason and among a huge number of operatives without one of them coming forward and confessing. The Book rights alone would be worth Hundreds of Millions.

    I just don't see it, but I'm looking again.

    One hand a world class deception, black op, including mass murder, treason.

    and on the other,

    A President that couldn't get head and keep it a secret.


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