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    Tuesday, May 15, 2007

    al Qaeda propaganda for Americans:

    al Qaeda propaganda for Americans: by Gerald

    The U.S. military IS IN A QUANDARY over what to do about YouTube and blogs, but Al-Qaeda has its own digital media division and grab the opportunity with both arms -- and is releasing propaganda videos and magazines, on-line at a ever increasing rate.

    The terror group's as-Sahab media division is now producing and releasing a video every three days, -- "doubling 2006's previous record rate of one every six days.

    "So far in 2007 as-Sahab has released 39 videos. In all of 2006 as-Sahab released a total of 58 videos. At its current rate, as-Sahab will surpass 2006's annual volume by early to mid-July. As-Sahab's video release rate is continuing to trend upwards and may reach one release every two days in the coming months. This unprecedented volume combined with the continued high production quality represents a significant dedication of resources by al-Qaeda to as-Sahab's efforts."

    The reward for their efforts are spontaneous terror groups springing up without direct guidance.

    USA is having some success in tracking the delivery of tapes and CDs, so this form of blind recruiting has a good risk reward ratio for them.

    Their propaganda arm cranks out videos with great soulful Nasheeds and magazines with enough spin on current events to make one dizzy. I find it amazing how wanabee Jahaids accept them without question or even checking the news.

    Another tract is to convince the world and Americans they are loosing the war, with extreamly violent videos, and how their propaganda efforts on the Internet are carried by the world news as NEWS, not PROPAGANDA. And many Americans buy into it on some level, wanting to hear "both" sides.

    USA needs to give the Miltary great credit for the fine job they are doing. OH I know there were rapes, murders, that is always BAD but there are 140,000 USA mostly teenagers over there with guns and bombs. And it has been estimated that 2 % of any population are sociopaths, on the hole not to bad.
    And in Vietnam USA lost 3,000 troops in one month, see graph, this time the Army lost 3,000 over 5 YEARS.
    Around 150,000 troops at WAR, and KIA are 3 or 4 a day.
    And they are not setting around is some safe fort,
    they are out on patrol looking for AQ.

    Hunting AQ, snipered, IED, Shaped charges.

    AQ instruction manuals say to be like dust or a gas, unnoticed and just disappear,
    to always seek a safe easy target.

    USA troops are trying NOT to kill civilians,
    AQ is trying TO kill civilians, Market bombings.

    USA troops are trying to stop a civil WAR.
    AQ is trying to start a civil WAR.

    USA troops are trying to build a country.
    AQ is trying to destroy the country.

    USA troops patrol the streets.
    AQ hides in shadows.

    USA troops are trying to give the Umma the VOTE.
    AQ is trying to KILL the Umma.

    AQ says fighting the USA troops is like trying to run in STEEL RAIN.

    USA troops know the difference between AQ and Islam.

    I don't know how many times I have been talking to a jahidist on line and been told al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA and that the CIA is responsible for 911, And they believe it.

    Many of the Ummah confuse opinions with facts or evidence, and will present these opinions as FACTS.
    It make it hard to argue with them logically.

    It would not be hard to substitute some of USA'S own slightly modified videos for their videos on the down load site.
    I don't fear anything the Terrorists have to say, but I do fear not answering their lies. And the USA is not countering their lies, and the terror cells grow and multiply at the expense of the USA.

    Al Qaeda's basic hypothisis is flawed according the Qaaran, killing women and children is forbidden, bombig Mosques is an affront to Allah.

    The USA should be pumping out MTV type vidoes every week with GREAT Nasheeds AND PRODUCTION VALUES associated with American movies.

    USA is doing nothing in this arena, AQ has their demographic all to themselves, 15 to 30 yr old Muslims, they get one side, promised 72 virgins, praise, acclaim, montary rewards for their family and paradise in heaven, and an adventure with guns and bombs any boyscout would love. All boys love explosions and guns.

    as-Sahab, their media arm recruits suicide bombers around the world and USA does nothing leaving this areana all to themselves.

    And we and others suffer the attacks of sucide bombers world wide.
    Dadullah says he was training American suicide bomber just before he was killed, confirmed by intelligence sources.

    USA is not only fighting the last war, Vietman: but isn't even in this fight. This fight includes the hearts and minds of Muslims and Americans, they have been winnig and convinced the US press and the Democrats that the USA is losing the war, maybe convinced even you.

    USA troops: SALUTE......


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