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    Sunday, November 05, 2006

    Our cyber army is missing in action

    Jawbreaker team went into Afghan with $3,000,000
    2,000 lbs of gear, lap tops, lazer sighters
    and ak 47's. They beat the Taliban.

    With 10,000 local troops they beat 60,000 Taliban
    and 5,000 Al Qaeda troops.

    The Air force attacked Taliban front lines.

    JB team was around 100 members.

    They had horse saddles air dropped to them.

    Cent com is JB C&C and had LIVE SATELLITE FEED.

    Milawa valley Spots Binnys men next 24 hrs air force bombs.

    Bernstin orders 800 troops as a blocking action to stop Binny from escaping, request refused.

    Binny escapes.

    Dec 17 Binny radio intercept.

    We killed Taliban and ran Binny out of Afghan.

    Both USA in Afghan against the Taliban and mujahedeen

    in Afghan against the Russians prove the power of

    an insurgency against a Government in power.

    Secret smaller force against an embedded establish

    positions/forces prove effective.

    We are learning this in Iraq.

    We are now facing this Paradigm with the Islamo Fascists world wide.

    Their use of the Internet for C&C, recruitment, funding

    propaganda, moral boosting, and instruction and they are far

    superior to collation forces in this theater, we are loosing the

    Info/media war.

    The Internet provides the ONLY counter force to the

    spreading world wide insurgency and spread of

    terrorism, and we are without Internet forces/army.

    We need to start counter posting against their

    Islamic lies, and propaganda, counter their moral

    boosting videos and electronic magazines world wide

    on the Internet. With Islamic truths, quotes from

    the Koran, our own magazines, AND VIDEOS, and in

    ALL FORUMS/chat rooms world wide in all languages.

    The failure to take these actions is to face an

    ever spreading world wide insurgency against ever

    more powerful weapons and tactics and stronger

    enemy. We are fighting a concept here, al Qaeda.

    It took them two years to learn shaped charges,

    three years to learn sniping, how long before they

    learn WMD?

    I believe time is of essence.

    The longer we wait to build a cyber army the

    stronger and bigger THEY will be.

    We need Internet leader ship and a cyber Army.


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    Anthropologist ( ad Magnum ).

    UPDATE: 11.26.07
    An effective cyber war will impact what is going on in Afghan and Pakti.
    The GWOT is Global, effective "Info War" will cut down on recruits from other countries, and funding, and turn Islam against the Taliban and al Qaeda.

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