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    Wednesday, January 15, 2014

    Ed Snowden Q of summary execution


    There are two parts to your actions.

    The first part many are cheering you
    for your actions in exposing NSA actions
    against Americans privacy with out due 
    process, even I am not displeased with
    these actions, NSA has gone over the 
    line spying on Americans in contravention
    of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
    And deserve there comeuppance.

    The second part I don't understand and is very
    high risk for you. Exposing NSA spying
    on non Americans. Most specifically 
    radio wave hacking method.
    NSA dominates its DOMAIN, a spy agency,what does the world expect from the WORLDS preeminent Intelligence Agency?
    You knew you were going to work for a spy agency, thats their job, thats what they do.
    For many at NSA your exposing the radio wave method 
    was like taking a big spoon of wasabi hot sauce.
    Your actions exposing NSA spying on Americans
    is whistle blowing, exposing operations against
    non-nationals is treason.

    Your risk reward ratio is a delicate balance.
    Your summary execution sends a clear message
    to others considering exposing operations against
    non-nationals, and Obama could probably authorize
    a Presidential finding.

    Inside the CIA's “Kill List” | Top Secret America 


    Your balancing act consists of having big enough
    secrets that would be released upon your death 
    that would do such damage to US that the CIA 
    won't send a wet team after you.

    If NSA assessment is you have released the big secrets
    and remaining exposes are worth the message your death 
    would send to others, then at that point your doomed.

    Even FSB  couldn't protect you, or if the Russians decide
    your death would better serve their political and propaganda
    agenda, then you are in big trouble.


    Confirmed by GPS, Craig Harrison (UK) of the UK’s Household Cavalry killed two Taliban insurgents from a distance of 2,474 m/2.47 km (8,120 ft, or 1.54 miles) in November 2009. It took the 8.59 mm rounds almost three seconds to hit their targets, which were 914 m (3,000 ft) beyond the L115A3 sniper rifle’s recommended range. A third shot took out the insurgent’s machine gun.

    To balance your risk reward ratio, you must keep
    enough big secrets that the Russians hope you will
    release and NSA fears would be released upon your death.
    I don't know how you do this.
    But every release of non-American spying methods
    brings you closer to tipping the scales in favor of your death.

    I think your original intentions were good, 
    but exposing non-American spy craft places
    you in the cross hairs of the definition of traitor. 
    And brings up questions of summary execution.

    Internet Anthropologist

    DECODING Snowden

    RESPONSE TO Mikko Hypponen;NSA

    USA enemies are FUCKED, NSA ,thumb drives,stuxnet, radio wave HACKING, brief case,stuxnet,. G


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