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    Wednesday, December 16, 2009

    Exclusive: to be released: film? American troop captive

    One of our Recon teams just spotted
    notice of a Film soon to be released.
    Team Terintel.

    "Al-Dubai Media Production provides captive American film entitled: A witness from her family"

     "Al-Dubai Media Production" unknown, nothing on web, vids, news.

    Could this be about missing American Soldier?

    Taliban Seize U.S. Soldier in Afghanistan - CBS News

    More recon teams deployed.


    Update: From our distinguished recon units.

    The media arm of the Afghan Taliban, al-Imarah, said on Wednesday it will soon release a video of its American captive, apparently referring to soldier Bowe Bergdahl

    Al-Imara Media Productions announced the forthcoming release on an affiliated website??

    Organization of the Emirate for the informational production
    Dubai Foundation for Media Production,
    "Dubai" part is just a production house of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan that happens to be located in Dubai.  ?
     "Dubai Foundation for Media Production provides captive American film entitled: A witness from her family

    To Atnsuna of good prayers
    Your brothers in the emirate Foundation for Media Production and location of the steadfastness of the Islamic magazine"

    No recent Taliban captive video on YouTube nor al-Ansar Mujahideen thus far.

    More Leads:

    Recon continues:
    BSU's deployed.

    Come back for updates:



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Taliban to release tape of captured U.S. soldier

    Also, I believe a more appropriate translation is Emirates film production, or somthing along those lines.

    2:41 PM  

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