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    Wednesday, July 16, 2008

    Urdu, telecast:

    Pervez MusharrafImage via WikipediaOriginally published by Geo TV, Karachi, in Urdu 1600 15 Jul 08.

    Karachi Geo News television in Urdu at 1600 gmt on 15 July relays live regularly scheduled "Today with Kamran Khan" programme. Noted Pakistani journalist Kamran Khan reviews, discusses and analyzes major day-to-day developments with government ministers and officials, opposition leaders, and prominent analysts in Geo TV's flagship programme. Words within double slant lines are in English.

    Segment I

    Kamran Khan says: unabated violence continues in Iraq even after five years of American occupation and the latest suicide bombing today killed 31 prospective Iraqi police recruits. Khan adds: the suicide attack comes in wake of repeated claims by the American president and the establishment that the situation in Iraq has vastly improved this year. Continuing, Khan says: according to latest figures 4,119 Americans have been killed in Iraq so far and although official figures say 100,000 Iraqi civilians have also been killed so far, unofficial figures speak of 600,000 Iraqis war- related casualties. Khan adds: 70 percent of Iraqi population has no drinking water and Iraq, which is the third largest oil producing country, faces power load shedding on regular basis and schools and hospitals are not functioning normally there. Continuing, Khan says: as America prepares for the presidential elections, Barack Obama, "first black American presidential candidate" and who according to polls is likely to win the elections, has pledged to the American people that he would end American occupation of Iraq and withdraw American troops from there by 2009.

    Kamran Khan establishes video link in Lahore with Shamshad Ahmed Khan, prominent analyst and Pakistan's former foreign secretary, and asks him whether the American military, establishment and other American institutions would allow Obama to fulfill his commitment to withdraw all American troops from Iraq by 2009. Shamshad Ahmed Khan says: "there has been a //strong// perception right from the beginning in America about the Iraq war that it was a big mistake and America should withdraw from there as soon as possible." Shamshad Ahmed Khan adds: Americans also gave a clear verdict during the mid-term elections that US troops should be withdrawn from Iraq and Obama has now given a commitment that American troops would be withdrawn from Iraq by 2009. Continuing, Shamshad Ahmed Khan says: Pakistan's tribal areas have become focus of American attention because of "failures" in Iraq where no target has been achieved and resistance continues unabated. When Kamran Khan asks whether! it will be possible for any American President to withdraw troops from Iraq by 2009 and accept "defeat," Shamshad Ahmed Khan says the total withdrawal will not be possible, but effort would be made to "defuse" the situation in some way or other, which is a "big commitment" of the Democrat Party.


    Segment III

    Kamran Khan says: in the background of reports that America is telling the Pakistan government that it is not satisfied with the situation in tribal areas, American and allied forces in "large numbers" have started arriving near the border across Pakistan's North Waziristan and South Waziristan. Khan adds: deployment of American and allied troops equipped with helicopters, heavy machineguns and artillery is hinting that, perhaps, a "major military operation" is about to be launched at the Afghan border next to North Waziristan and South Wazirstan. Continuing, Khan says the Pakistan government has repeatedly expressed its concern at any such planned incursion. Khan says: President Pervez Musharraf recently explained Pakistan's position in these words:

    [Begin Musharraf recording, in English] The man in the street in Pakistan does not want any foreign intrusion into Pakistan. It is an issue of sovereignty of our country. And, United States or anyone who says that must understand the sensitivity of the man in the street. So, I don't think this is possible at all that any foreign forces will be allowed into Pakistan. It is militarily unwise and politically I don't think it is acceptable to the people of Pakistan. [end recording]

    Kamran Khan says Asif Ali Zardari, Pakistan People's Party Co- chairman, in an interview in Dubai yesterday asked America that it should refrain from deploying troops near the Pakistan border as it will be a big mistake. Khan adds: Pakistani tribal leaders have also stated that they would "strongly" confront any attack on Pakistan's tribal areas and "tens of thousands" of tribesmen will take up arms against America.

    Kamran Khan establishes video link in Peshawar with Sami Yusufzai, senior journalist and Newsweek correspondent in Pakistan, and asks him to confirm reports that American and allied troops are massing near the Pakistan border. Yusufzai says he talked to "sources" in Afghanistan's Paktia, Paktika and Khowst provinces adjoining Pakistan's North Waziristan and South Waziristan and they denied reported troop movement. Yusufzai says: the fact is that such an atmosphere has been built up due to recent [threatening] statements from the Afghan side that even a "minor movement" of troops generate fear in people's mind [about incursions into tribal areas]. Continuing, Yusufzai says: however, reports from Kunar province where a "large number" of American troops were killed on 13 July say that America believes that "Pakistani //volunteers//" and militants involved in the attacks on allied troops flee to Pakistan's Bajaur Agency and Mohmand Agency and that is why the American and allied troops have increased their movement and set up new check posts at that part of the border. Yusufzai does not believe that "America is in a //position// to make incursions into Pakistan's tribal areas and send its troops there." Yusufzai says: America is fully aware that Jihadi forces in Pakistan are highly anti-American and they could strike back deep inside Afghanistan against American and ISAF [International Security Assistance Force] troops. When Khan asked Yusufzai to comment on the latest warnings from the NATO commander to Pakistan and Mike Mullen's unscheduled visit to Pakistan, Yusufzai says: America may carry out [aerial and missile] attacks on a "//high value target//" or militant camps, but it will be "impossible for Americans to intrude into Pakistan." Yusufzai says: America is merely trying to put "//pressure//" on Pakistan to take "additional tough measures" in the tribal areas. Yusufzai, however, adds that American [missile attacks] were earlier targeting Al-Qa'ida elements in Pakistan's tribal areas, but now America will, perhaps, also target "local Pakistani mili tants and their camps."
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