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    Thursday, July 31, 2008

    al Qaeda's war of survival

    Bab-e-Khyber (Entrance to Khyber Pass)Image via WikipediaBin Laden has not been able to strike on U.S. soil since 9/11 or in Europe since the London bombings three summers ago. In Iraq, his most successful franchise operation is on the ropes. Across the Muslim world, opinion polls suggest his popularity has faded, and many of his early supporters -- including prominent jihadi ideologues -- have denounced him. Even his messages on the Internet scarcely merit headlines in the mainstream media......

    According to this assessment, two decades since its founding in Peshawar, Pakistan, al-Qaeda remains a source of inspiration for certain extremists around the world. But it's far from clear that bin Laden commands them......

    ...a few days after bin Laden's most recent Internet postings. The officials told me they've found no evidence of al-Qaeda operations in their countries. If bin Laden has any role in the jihad, say the Europeans, it is merely as an icon. Alain Grignard, Belgium's top terrorism investigator, says bin Laden is now a "Robin Hood figure; 100 people are inspired by him, but very few respond to do what he wants."....



    al Qaeda's efforts in Paki and Afghan are thier last stand so to speak, they are fast becoming irrelevant. And they are in a war of survival. Hoping to find a palace to exist, survive.

    al Qaeda's top leader ship is gone, and the new leaders don't have the connections or pull of the old leaders.

    We are in a mop up phase with al Qaeda and may be able to get the Taliban to deal, survival for the remaining al Qaeda leadership. The Taliban are hurting, and are experiencing some of the highest attrition rtes of mid-level management they have ever experienced, they are experiencing some relief from deserters from Iraq, but this will be short lived as they too are attrited.

    This is not to say aQ isn't looking for a big punch if they get the chance.


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