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    Saturday, May 03, 2008


    Skyline of Mexico City at nightImage via Wikipedia5 3 08

    Good Government Council's Declaration on the Kidnapping of ...
    By Kristin Bricker
    We, as autonomous authorities of the Good Government, say very clearly, the Bad Government kidnapped them and keeps them kidnapped and with this has provoked great pain and suffering in their hearts and bodies which suffer from ...

    Rights don't travel with you
    Winnipeg Sun - Canada
    Barring someone being kidnapped or lured to another locale under false pretences, no one is forced abroad. It is always a choice and therefore a risk. ...

    Yahoo: Criminal Diversified
    By Daily Observer(Daily Observer)
    The rise in kidnapping helped prompt a recent warning from the US Embassy in Mexico City about the dangers Americans might face as they travel in Mexico . "Dozens of US citizens were kidnapped and/or murdered in Tijuana in 2007," across ...

    The inconvienient truth about Brenda Martin's plight
    By McGuire(McGuire)
    ... five-year sentence in Mexico, my response has always been measured as travelling abroad is very complicated. People travel to different countries at their own ultimate risk. Barring someone being kidnapped or lured to another locale ...

    Tijuana get shot and die?
    By Jeffrey White
    ... were "dozens" of Americans who were kidnapped in Tijuana, many either seriously injured or outright murdered. Mexico watchers say that the increase in violence is tied to a strict government crackdown on drugs and drug trafficking. ...

    13 dead in Mexico shootout, law enforcement officials say
    The Associated Press -
    In January, eight people died in a gunbattle at a Tijuana safe-house apparently used by drug hit men to hold kidnapped

    Tijuana Cartel Terror Takes 13 Lives
    By Point
    Americans are being warned to stay out of Mexico because kidnappings, beheadings and other forms of terror await anyone venturing into Tijuana:. "Tijuana, Mexico-Mexican police have gathered up more than more than 1500 spent shell ...

    ‘Virtual Kidnappings’ Exploit Very Real Fears
    New York Times - United States
    ... kidnapped received more than 30000 complaints from last December to the end of February, Joel Ortega, Mexico City’s police chief, announced recently. ...


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