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    Friday, May 02, 2008

    Americas most powerful FORCE

    Public Domain: Bob Dylan and Joan Baez at 1963 March on Washington by USIA (NARA)Image by via Flickr
    America does have a seemingly unstoppable force.

    One Communisium nor al Qaeda can over come.

    American culture, parts of it seem to be universally desirable.
    American movies, music, food have an attraction world wide to some extent.

    Sometimes I suspect the sales of Coke and Pepsi in the Mid-Eastern countrys would be a better measure of the Demographic than any Pew Poll.

    USA has the means, but not the desire to capture the hearts and minds.

    A Moslem teenager made a millionaire on MTV would do more to cut the supply of suicide bombers than any border operation.

    Bob Dylan was an unrecognized modern Shaman of the 60's. He preached with music
    and chanted long mantras set to music as songs. This approach in the correct "key" would be well received in Islam. With the correct EAR directing it would become viral.
    Everyone likes to buy but no one wants to be sold.
    Reduce selling pressure, increase buying pressure.
    And have social impact, change.

    Can the Taliban be influenced?
    Can an Intelligent, educated person, of sound mind be induced to pay $1.oo for a nickels worth
    of flavored colored water? You have and Coke and Pepsi convinced you.

    USA has the tools why are they not being used?



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