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    Thursday, March 27, 2008

    700+ SITES checked in TWO days

    Company C, was able to check out around 700 web sites in TWO days.

    Eyeballs on them.

    Most were translated and checked for terrorist content.

    Terrorist sites were copied, stored, reported to Feds and scheduled for take down.

    I wanted to salute the TROOPS at Company "C" for an amazing and very professional effort.


    It appears Network Solutions is not a major host of terror sites, 2 to 3%.
    How does one motivate a host to check for and remove terror sites?
    Whats the solution?
    The law is there and some Host provider IS going to get HIT
    with huge fines and maybe some prision time.
    Not to mention the legal costs.
    Network Solutions seems to be no worse than most.
    But how they missed the hizbolla site I can't imagine.

    First we have to find an American Host Co to refuse to
    take down a terrorist site.
    Whats the solution?

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