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    Wednesday, February 13, 2008

    Off subject: Big Macromedia screw up

    ( which way is the eye facing right or left? )

    The new flash player Utube forced you to download doesn't work on one of our PC's
    Its not compatible with Vista, we downloaded it from Utube, and it evidently did not uninstall the old version, wouldn't run, we downloaded special uninstaller from macromedia, and reinstalled it.

    Seems that screws up sound setting in register, so we up loaded them and got a new message, we needed to up load the new flash player, we already did.

    Utube number of plays/use must be down, many people have requested help on many forums same subject, no sound. Of course Utube doesn't even have it listed as a known issue.
    Google needs to get on top of Utube.

    Another issue is Adobe PDF, also not compatable with Vista, Fire fox.
    I'll keep Vista for its better security, and found plug in for Fire fox works 70% of the time.
    I'll give up both flash and PDF before we will give up Vista.

    Both companies are screwing up their reputations. Didn't any body Beta test these programs?

    You would think Google's Utube would have beta tested the new flash player, its central to their



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