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    Sunday, February 03, 2008

    Background noise, Chatter: USA threat

    Background noise, Chatter:

    LA Times:

    After a U.S. airstrike leveled a small compound in Pakistan's lawless tribal regions in January 2006, President Pervez Musharraf and his intelligence officials announced that several senior Al Qaeda operatives had been killed, and that the top prize was an elusive Egyptian who was believed to be a chemical weapons expert.

    But current and former U.S. intelligence officials now believe that the Egyptian, Abu Khabab Masri, is alive and well -- and in charge of resurrecting Al Qaeda's program to develop or obtain weapons of mass destruction.

    Given the problems with previous U.S. intelligence assessments of weapons of mass destruction, officials are careful not to overstate Al Qaeda's capabilities, and they emphasize that there is much they don't know because of the difficulty in getting information out of the mountainous area of northwest Pakistan where the network has reestablished itself.

    But they say Al Qaeda has regenerated at least some of the robust research and development effort that it lost when the U.S. military bombed its Afghanistan headquarters and training camps in late 2001, and they believe it is once again trying to develop or obtain chemical, biological, radiological and even nuclear weapons to use in attacks on the United States and other enemies.


    Gertz - Al Qaeda:'Large Operation in America, God Willing'


    An Al Qaida Internet site reported last week that terrorists are planning a major attack in the United States in the coming weeks.

    The Jan. 12 posting titled “A Large Operation in America, God Willing,” stated that the upcoming attack was imminent. Other participants chastised the writer for tipping Al Qaida’s hand.

    Counterterrorism analysts said the threat could be real or Al Qaida deception designed to test U.S. security by announcing an planned attack and observing the level of increased security.

    An image of the body of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi displayed at a news conference in Baghdad. Ali Haider/European Pressphoto Agency
    For those seeking more information, the author of the posting said they should be patient but assured forum members that “the lions have taken off and you will see [the proof] in the coming weeks.”

    “We ask God to guide the aim of the jihadists and to grant them success in the revenge campaign for Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi,” the message said.

    Another discussant expressed doubts about the claim, noting that “to my knowledge, Al Qaida does not announce about any operation before it takes place. We are hopeful that the news from our brother (the poster) is true and that God will guide the aim of the mujahidin, grant them victory, and heal the (wounded) hearts of the believers."

    One of the moderators of the forum cautioned other members about discussing the potentially sensitive information, noting “there is no gain in escalating this topic."

    “It is not wise or deceitful to announce something before it takes place, because I fear that you will commit two dangerous mistakes: 1. Foiling the operation before it takes place as a result of the enemy's knowledge after your announcement. 2. I am concerned that you might be deceitful with this hasty announcement. God is all-wise and all-knowing. Please accept this advice from a brother who loves you for the sake of God."

    In responding to doubts from forum members, the author stated that “the hint was given only to ensure that the matter does not get attributed to others when it occurs.”




    Al-Qaeda posted the following statement on a jihadist Web site last Thursday. It's an ultimatum that mentions a date, just like the one issued back in 2005.

    Statement of the Leader of al-Qaeda in Britain, Shaykh Umar Rabie al-Khalaila:

    We, the organization of al-Qaeda in Britain, offer a truce to the British government.

    Our demands are as follows:

    * A complete withdrawal of the British troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.

    * To free all Muslim captives from Belmarsh prison, and the foremost of them Shaykh Abu Qatada al-Filistini and Shaykh Abu Hamza al-Misri.

    If the British government fails to respond to our demands by the last day of March 2008 as they fail to answer to the truce of our Shaykh Usama bin Laden and to the truce of the Emir of Believers Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, then the Martyrdom seekers of the organisation of al-Qaeda in Britain will target all the political leaders, especially Tony Blair and Gordan Brown, and we will also target all Embassies, Crusaders Centers and their Interests through out the country, with the help of Allah.

    Finally, all praise is to Allah.

    Umar Rabie al-Khalaila
    The leader of Al-Qaeda in Britain

    The organisation of Al-Qaeda in Britain
    ( This was not posted in the regular section aQ posts in and was removed shortly there after. G )


    The Taliban just threatened the WEST, but said it would not be Nuclear


    New WMD, details:



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