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    Friday, September 14, 2007

    al Qaeda begging for cannon fodder, 3rd vid

    al Qaeda's 3rd video

    Qaeda applies its efforts where there is the most need
    They have been requiting children and tricking the ummah
    into becoming suicide bombers.

    No force can stand up to the USA's military without
    huge costs.
    al Qaeda is running out of cannon fodder.

    To date their biggest push has been for more troops.
    Fighting the USA is like putting your nose to the grater.

    They have trainting children to fight, even women. ( use back key )
    Training kids to behead, be suicide bombers.

    And tricking anyone they can into becoming a suicide bomber.

    This film is more evidence of O'samas Mohamed complex.
    He is trying to set himself as the New Mohamed
    Osama worship.

    Al Qaeda is in dire need of more troops, al Qaeda is being abandoned by Islam.

    AQ is hanging on by their fingernails and Ole Binny is scared to death.
    His fil has been low quality, non-professional video work.
    Binny is hidding almost alone, and scared stiff.
    Thats why there were no films for 2 years, and no one gets to see him.

    All al Qaeda has for weapons against the USA military are suicided bombers and IED's.


    The Taliban offered to begin negotiating with the government. In Afghan parlance, that's the Taliban way of saying they are defeated and want to discuss peace terms.

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