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    Friday, September 14, 2007

    crooks using Iraq scam,con

    Dear Sir/ Ma
    This is commander Rock Zuma an American soldier, serving in the Military with the Third Infantry Division in Iraq. During this on going war in Iraq, we discovered some huge amount of money in Baghdad neighborhood belonging to Saddam Hussein, and with my position, I smuggled some part of these funds out of Baghdad.
    I am not making a journalistic reference, but am trying to let you understand the circumstance behind this. This money is being kept safe in a secured location. Basically, am writing you due to the situation I found myself and cannot return back to America again because I was among five US soldiers questioned by military officials after some of
    the money was allegedly stolen, as I have absconded from US military and am now in exile.
    I got your contact during my search for a reliable; trust worthy and honest person ( to help me steal this ) to introduce this transfer project with. I have killed in war and I found no peace anymore in where I am right now as I have been declared wanted by US Military. I have decided to look for a reliable person to help me retrieve these funds from the Financial Institution and invest it.
    I shall seek for an asylum in any part of the world outside United States of America because I cannot return back to my lovely country and I have been diagnosed of Cancer of Lungs and Oesophagus due to Bomb exposure I inhale during my escape in the war. ( duh, I don't speak good english but I'm a Lieutenant Colonel )
    To ensure confidentiality, when you receive this letter, kindly reply me via e-mail signifying your interest including your confidential telephone/fax numbers for quick communication and also your contact details. Please even if you are not interested keep this proposal secret.
    I wait to read from you urgently.
    Mr. Rock Zuma, (Lieutenant Colonel)

    What a dummy!
    Will up date this as I play with dummy.

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