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    Thursday, August 23, 2007

    6 yr old Taliban, guns

    Lesson in war ... video shows adult terrorist giving boys weapons drill

    BRITISH troops in Afghanistan are facing a new enemy — child soldiers as young as SIX.

    Recruitment of youngsters is the latest chilling tactic by ruthless al-Qaeda leaders.

    Little terror ... lad with rifle on sling
    Little terror ... lad with rifle on sling

    The Sun has video evidence of boys barely old enough for school handling AK47 assault rifles.

    Military expert Chris Dobson warned: “This is very worrying. Terrorist commanders are gambling on our troops fatally hesitating before pulling the trigger if confronted with a boy. Modern weapons are so light children would have no problem getting 30 or 40 rounds off. And these children are being brainwashed to kill.”

    Fanatical ... gun kid at jihad camp
    Fanatical ... gun kid at jihad camp

    A video of the child recruits was posted this month on an al-Qaeda website which has attracted ten million visitors since 2003.

    Experts believe it was shot at a Taliban training camp over the border from Afghanistan in Uzbekistan.

    The camp is almost certainly run by the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan — which is affiliated to al-Qaeda.

    An accompanying message claims they are the next generation of Mujahideen fighters in training.

    Al-Qaeda warlord Osama Bin Laden made his own children take jihad training. Using child soldiers is a crime under international law.

    So far 47 British soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan.

    Bin Laden ... child recruits
    Bin Laden dead ... child recruits,,2-2007390138,00.html

    The Sun told yesterday how Taliban fanatics had tapped British soldiers’ phones and called relatives with death threats. Top Brass had to ban troops’ mobiles.

    ...( note the childrens eyes, they are being forced to do this.)

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