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    Monday, June 25, 2007

    Middle East, see why, no confusion.

    That map is too big for this web site.
    But it sure explains the problems USA is having in the Middle East.

    First look at the distribution for Sunni and Shite, now, substitute Persian = Shitte:
    and Sunni = Arab.

    Now look at where Iraq is right next to the Shiites, right between the Arabs and Persians.

    In between the Hatfield's and McCoys.

    And one group is looking for Nukes.

    The other group are criminals ( Robbing banks, killing women children, blowing up Mosques and market places ) and blew up the World Trade Center.

    Taking out Saddam pulled the plug on Middle East power balance.
    The Middle East is trying to regain its equilibrium as it always has all through History, through violence.

    Iraq was at war with Iran, in effect holding Iran in check, even in their cold war.

    The Saddam power base is gone and the ( Shiite ) Persians, Iran are now on the loose in Iraq ( Iraq's Government are mostly Shiite ).

    The ( Sunni ) Arabs are rushing forces in to Iraq counter the Persians. And ole Binny is Sunni.

    No add in Afghan, the Taliban and the Kurds, Lebanon and Israel.

    This is going to be very messy.
    And could get beyond imagination if one of them gets a nuke.

    How do you respond to a non-state nuke attack?

    Al Qaeda is evolving into the next Internet step which will revolutionize the terror paradigm.

    The World continues to be re-active instead of pro-active, this will be costly, in the worst sense of the word.

    The Internet paradigm continues to be dominated by the "Other".

    The only battlefield the USA doesn't control.


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