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    Thursday, November 16, 2006

    Al Jazeezra English, USA's ace in the hole.

    Al Jazeezra English, USA's ace in the hole.

    USA has become myopic, terrorists are not insane, or crazy. They are sane logical humans just like us. We can't expect to beat the terrorist till we understand their point of view.

    We can't look at terrorism from Western eyes if we expect to defeat them.
    When we can see terrorism through the terrorist's eyes, then we can begin to disrupt them, demoralize them, effect their recruitment and take them down.

    Al Jazeezra English is our key in understanding the terrorists. If Al Jazeezra English does it's job
    we will get their view translated from their language into English. We will hear their thinking in English.

    Their thoughts from all the countries in the Middle East, in English.

    From the videos released by the terrorists we obtain valuable intelligence, without having an Intelligence officer at risk. This Intel has come from Al Jazeezra, some of the people didn't like to hear it. But it would be gross negligence and put our citizens and country at severe risk to ignore this info.

    If Al Jazeezra English gives us a better look at what is actually being said in these countries on their television in their languages translated to English it will open the flood gates of information regarding their thinking, views, moral, complaints, problems, issues, propaganda, lies, false hoods, and misinformation.

    It will be in English for all to hear. Some of the best info and insight the American public will ever get regarding terrorism and it's context.

    Al Jazeezra English will help balance our Westernized views, broaden our understanding and comprehension of terrorism. The first step in defeating your enemy is to understand them.
    It will also help in our understanding in negations and policies.

    It stands to reason the more you know about your adversary the more empowered you are. We have been pushing for "Al Jazeezra English" for 7 years.

    If we know what, why and how they think then we are that much better off. That much closer to ending terrorism.

    You don't hate CNN for bringing news and photos about the New Orleans hurricane X, we should not hate news sources for news about the terrorists.

    When our kids understand the terrorists motivations, thoughts then we will be in a position to out think them, defeat them. Stop recruitment.

    Al Jazeezra English will open and expose the entire Middle East for the American public like nothing else ever has before, it will truly educate Americans.

    These reasons alone are validation for the support and activation of Al Jazeezra English.

    But Doug Rushkoff also supports the Al Jazeezra English concept from another view. He came up with the term "media virus", a video so powerful it is spread around the world. He believes the reason there are media virus videos is because our immune response to the video content has been repressed through our inability to engage in constructive public discourse about the video content.

    The spread of the Rodney King media virus video was so powerful it spread around the world over night, because of our inability to face discourse about issues of race and police brutality.

    Terrorism may have changed warfare from the traditional command and control to a virus model, it has become a contagious set of self destructive violent commands. It depends on the Internet "media" to spread the virus of terrorism. Many are immune some are not. An "armchair mujahid" becomes converted via the internet propaganda, from a sympathizer with the general aims of the jihad to a motivated foot-soldier, jihadist.

    What is this virtual virus that seems to infect some Moslems with self destructive violence?
    It is a special spin on Islam, the Koran and world news from a extremist view, a twisted type of Islamism. Their political agenda is presented as Allah's will, his plan.
    Their motivators are 76 virgins, paradise in heaven, fame, and get you to believe you are working for Allah. Not that you are working on building their political and power base and will end up in hell.

    So how can we vaccinate against this virtual virus?

    Al Jazeezra English might be part of the answer by exposing the Islamo fascists lies, confronting their methods and telling the truth. Educating Americans as to their means, methods, tactics and activities gives American culture the tools to combat the violent ideology. virtual virus at the point of contact. It is harder to recruit someone if they know about the lies and methods terrorist use.

    By pre-arming the American population with knowledge about the terrorist methods we are in a position individual and culturally to confront the recruiting activities on the Internet, person to person, to help immunize others, to prevent attacks by stopping recruitment of new cells. Do not under estimate the power and pull of the American culture, Al Jazeezra English can help arm/immunize that culture with the knowledge it needs to confront/immunize them on the internet in chat rooms, forums etc, against recruitment and new cells by exposing them and their methods.

    The anti-terrorism toolbar facilities this process by providing the tools and links needed to make contact and post the immunizing truth/information, spreading the vaccinations.


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