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    Friday, November 18, 2016

    Moscow Elected American President

    More of our INTEL

    This maybe the most 
    important POST of my Career.

    This is My Complaint of Election Fraud
    submitted to Federal Election Commission (FEC),Office of Inspector General 
    Lynne A. McFarland,Inspector General
    By Email 11.19.2016; 2:44 pm EST

    Putin has Motive, Ability & Opportunity to Elect Trump.
    This article isn't about trump,
    its about Putin, & how he could Steal an American Election.

    Its clear Russia hacked Democratic National Committee & stole Emails.
    17 US Intelligence Agencies have confirmed  this.
    And released Emails to Russian Puppet Wikileaks.
    ( Wikileaks had Leaks from Russian protesters & refused to release them)

    CNN published nonsense about Election sites being Secu
    Faulty Paradigm and Amature comprehension of Methods.
    Pertinent section.

    Rigging Election is very doable.
    One doesn't hack Voting Machines
    one hacks Computers the votes are reported to.
    Changing the results from 2 or 3 States gives Trump a win.

    Its documented Russians can evade Malware Detection.
    And documented they compromised Several State Election sites.
    This is not a surprise,
    The statements about Election sites being to diverse & hence safe
    is nonsense. One doesn't have to hack all Election sites or
    voting Machines to Steal an Election, Just a few states reporting
    falsified data could swing election to Trump.

    Feds have admitted Russians have hacked
    Pentagon, White House, Sect of State & Joint Chiefs of staff.

     State Election sites are NOT as well protected as those sites.

    We have confirmation Putin's hackers evading Computer Security
    and evidence they penetrated three State Election sites
    and have hacked heavily protected Federal Intelligence Sites.
    AND hacked DNC stealing Emails.


     Many ways, methods to BackDoor a network.

    PoisonTap - exploiting locked machines w/Raspberry Pi Zero State Election Computer Nets NOT SECURE

    Russian Stuxnet Clone.


    Russians have hacked hacked heavily protected Federal Intelligence Sites,
    State election sites would not be a Problem.

    How can we Know if Russia Stole an American Election?;

    FAST and Cheap;

    A full manual recount of the paper records would be definitive, but that’s unnecessarily difficult, expensive and time-consuming if the results are actually right.

    There’s an easier way: an audit that manually examines a random sample of the ballots in a way that has a large chance of detecting and correcting incorrect results. This is called a “risk-limiting” audit. If the reported winner of a contest really won, a risk-limiting audit generally needs to examine only a small fraction of the ballots. But if the reported winner actually lost, a risk-limiting audit has a large chance of indicating that a full hand count is needed to set the record straight.

    Risk-limiting audits are a crucial check on election integrity and accuracy even when elections are not controversial and margins are wide. They have been endorsed by the Presidential Commission on Election Administration and many organizations concerned with election integrity. Colorado law requires risk-limiting audits starting in 2017, and California law requires them

    If necessary a Forensics Teams check of State Election Networks


    Our Intelligence Network cannot find any evidence
    the validity, legitimacy of the 2016 election is being check out
    in view of this Clear THREAT.

    I was a Strong Supporter of Obama.
    He may have a SURPRISE Legacy.


    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.


    Math Increasingly Suggests Election Fraud Against Hillary Clinton

    According to exit polls conducted by Edison Research, Hillary Clinton won four key battleground states (NC, PA, WI and FL),
    lost those states according to computerized vote counts.

    Demand An Audit Of The 2016 Presidential Election

    Petition HERE;

    Does Trump Have Russian Connections?

    Hacking DETAILS, MUST READ for Security/hackers





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