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    Saturday, March 05, 2016

    President Trump's America

    By Gerald; Anthropologist,
    Retired Broker series 7 & 3
    Stocks bonds & commodities,
    and a Veteran..


    Gerald floor of NYSE

    As a Lobbyist with President Ford


    Trump upset about Trade deficit with China
    "China stealing from USA"

    Trump thinks a "U.S. trade deficit" is a Loss.
    It isn't.

    It a measure of Trade.
    Trump saw deficit and thinks USA OWES
    He doesn't know what he is doing.

    Trade Deficit means;
    "YOU bought more "Made in China" Goods
    than they bought "Made in USA"
    NOT THEFT as Trump claims.
    That would be like saying Walmart
    robbed you cause you spent all your
    pay check there.

    Its not China's fault you and I
    bought to many 'made in China' 
    To stop you and I from buying so
    many 'made in China' items
    Trump is going to add 45% on to 
    the price which we pay.
    Hoping we will stop buying
    Its a '45% TAX' same as '45% tariff'.

    If YOU and I Quit buying "made China"
    That would end the deficit,
    Balance it.
    Trump wants a 45% Tariff (extra charge)
    on all chinese goods, Means you
    and I will pay 45% extra on all Chinese Goods.
    Trump just got in YOUR pocket to balance
    the imaginary trade deficit.
    Its over $500,000,000,000 difference.
    We traded US paper Dollars for items
    cause those 'made in China' items were
    They bought our Debt US Treasuries Bonds
    for over a $ trillion, double what we spent.
    And Trump has plans to TAX you and I
    to pay this imaginary bill our of our pockets
    to the Tune of $500,000,000,000 
    $5oo billion dollars.

    He Doesn't know what he is talking about,
    he doesn't know what he's doing.

    45% tariff = 45% tax=
    $500 billion dollars sales TAX

    Trump is having economic difficulties
    as he instituted 30% tariff on all auto parts
    imported into USA.(His stated policy)

    Americans are paying a 30% tariff
    on new autos, Sales have slumped,
    so unemployment has surged.
    Trump is trying to cut off unemployment
    benefits as cost cutting measure to pay 
    for war in Iran (see below).

    He imposed 35% tariffs on all auto imports from
    Mexico ( $30,000 auto + (35%) $10,500 tax = $40,500 ) 
    Which will lead to sales slump for autos
    and layoffs.
    Trump charges China 45% tariff/tax
    which China adds to the sales price.
    Which you and I PAY.
    Trump never tells you the Tariff is
    a sales tax on us, he wants us to 
    believe China only pays it.
    Then he will blame China for the price 

    The effect of a Trade Tariff is it
    reduces SALES.
    Loss of income, jobs and slows

    And Mexico refused to pay for 
    $40 billion wall.(His stated policy)

    To correct trade imbalance (deficit) with China
    he also imposed a 45% tariff on China.
    (His stated policy) Because of the Tariff
    China quit buying US Bonds (our debt)
    and interest rates have climbed to 10%
    in order to attract buyers for US Treasuries.
    The bond market is very sluggish and
    talk about Default abounds.

    O'REILLY: If you continue to devalue your currency -- I'm going to slap a tariff on all Chinese goods coming into the United States. Ok. They then are going to say to you --
    TRUMP: Bill, yes.
    O'REILLY: President Trump, we are going to sell all of our bonds that we are holding for America's debt. We're going to flood the market with them and crash your currency.

    TRUMP: That's all right.

    Then Trump stated he had been through
    5 bankruptcies and could guide America
    through a default process.

    As Trump still an Real Estate apprentice
    Bankruptcies DATES

    2014  Trump Taj Mahal filed Bankruptcy 9.9.2014
    In 2016 15 months later Trump claims to have $10 billion

    one billion dollars in $100 dollar bills
    by 2016 Trump claims 10 times this.

    2014 bankruptcy 

    Needless to say President Trumps default talk 
    caused a world wide dumping of US 
    Treasuries and sent the dollar plunging.

    The American people are now facing
    20% inflation rates, 10% interest rates
    and a devalued currency which tripped off
    a recession, some are calling it a DEPRESSION.
    And lowered American wages. (His stated policy)
    He clearly says it at 2:00.

    And Trump says American wages all to HIGH.
    Were not talking "minimum wage",
    this is all wages across the board.
    All wages coming DOWN

    Listen to Trump say it; "American wages too HIGH"
    At 2:00

    Now Trump says "kill Dodd Frank"
    the laws that keep Banksters in line. At 4:30
    It will be open season on us.
    Banksters love Trump.
    They could repeat Sub-Prime legally
    Different name of course.
    Trump is a billionaire ? bankster one of them.

    USA in Depression and Banksters running wild foreclosing on America Again.
    With Dodd Frank dead the Banks could get
    bailed out AGAIN.

    Because Trump thinks a Trade Deficit is a
    is a loss. He has NO IDEA what he is doing.
    Tax for imaginary loss, #Trump2016 NO way.

    President Trump true to his word
    canceled the Iran Nuke agreement
    demanding part of the $150 billion
    back of Their assets that Obama 
    froze.(His stated policy)= (These lead 
    to links or videos where you can HEAR
    & SEE Trump state his policy. Don't 
    have to take my word.)

    Iran is between 3 mos & 6 mos 
    of having a Nuke now.

    Israel is preparing for all out WAR.

    Trump is threatening war w/ Iran.
    over refusing to negotiate new 
    Nuke agreement.
    He has sent several Carrier Groups
    off the shores of Iran.
    Tensions very high as Middle East 
    prepares for war.

    Every Police station in the country are rounding
    up 25,000 illegals a day and sending them to
    WWII Japanese internment camps pending 
    deportation. This will take 2 yrs to round
    up all 11 million.(His stated policy)

    For those who think idea of internment camps under Pres Trump is wild speculation

    1st million families, 10 million more to go

    Trade War, Build Wall, DEPORT, Ban.

    Many middle East and other allies have 
    quit war on ISIS as Trump has Banned Muslims until ISIS
    is defeated.(His stated policy)

    Angry Trump orders Bombing Strikes on North Korea (his stated policy)

    N. Korea readies Nukes, developing.

    And Trump has been carpet bombing ISIS
    areas in Iraq & Syria to wipe out ISIS.
    With heavy civilian casualties.(His stated policy)

    And Military troops are not signing back up,
    most opting for early out, refusing to kill
    ISIS children and wives and Grandparents.
    Refuse to commit War Crimes.
    Trump "I'm a great leader, Military
    will do as I say".
    (His stated policy)

    President Trump says "Shoot'em"
    "Carpet bomb,Kill families,steal oil,maybe Nuke,torture YES
    Order War crimes"

    The State Dept has slowed to a crawl as Trump
    put his business cronies in charge,(His stated policy) 
    USA has made money but Russia has invaded Balkans,
    taken over Syria in a blood bath.
    But USA made $1 trillion in the process.

    Trump is opening a YUUGE casino in
    Moscow across from the Kremlin,
    (Quoted from his book)
    He would have
    "THE Second White House".

    The Police have been militarized to
    put down demonstrators, as Trump
    declared protesters "Traitors"by
    Presidential decree.(He did at Rallys)

    Massive demonstration over Recession/Depression.

    Donald has hour long news conferences
    haranguing people about 

    "How good it is going to be" 
    and how disgusting Americas
    enemies are.(His current policy)

    Trade War, Build Wall, DEPORT, Ban.
    War Iran, War N. Korea.

    National debt now stands a $30 trillion dollars.
    Loss of income from Tariff wars,
    Loss of Auto sales leading to Unemployment.
    Increase in Interest rates to attract buyers for Treasuries.
    Crash of Stock Market from economic debacle.

    Trump may be a National Security Risk for America

    His Image 


    Trade War, Build Wall, DEPORT, Ban.

    War Iran, War N. Korea. Economic Riots,
    Banksters on wilding, Market, Currency CRASHING.

    War with Iran, possible nuclear
    35% & 45% tariff/TAXES to pay trade deficit

    Default talk, inflation,auto sales way down unemployment, lowered wages DEPRESSION.

    Unpaid for Wall, banned Muslims, 11 million
    to Japanese internment camps,

    ISIS allies Quit over Muslim ban
    US Mil 'early outs' not re upping
    Kill kids order

    N. Korea in shooting war with USA
    possible nukes

    Carpet bombing ISIS heavy civilian casualties.
    Trump is a Unifier.

    State Dept loaded with Trump cronies.
    Russia takes Syria in very bloody war.

    Trump opens casino im Moscow across
    from Kremlin, just like in his book.

    Protesting illegal now.

    National Debt $30 trillion
    Trump maybe a National Security RISK.

    #TRUMP2016   WTF NO

    Ad Magnum


    "the only thing necessary for
    Trump of EVIL

    is for good men to do nothing"

    Trump in Context ( current History)

    At this time I think Trump is a greater systemic, seminal Threat to America
    than ISIS, G

    (14 days after my Blog post
    Trump Presidency Is a Global Threat, Economist Intelligence Unit Warns
    Mar 19.16)

    Trump Blocked me on Twitter
    After I wrote this.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1:06 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Since sharing on Twitter, you have been read and rt'd by several Colorado celebrities. You do not stand unnoticed Sir!

    10:54 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    If Trump were elected he will be very hard to impeach
    He is in 169 Fed suits now
    bankrupt 5X, G

    1:45 AM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    14 days after my Blog post
    Trump Presidency Is a Global Threat, Economist Intelligence Unit Warns
    Mar 19.16


    4:14 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    This is an extraordinary piece of well researched writing. Glad to have found you Gerald! (from a British born, US resident)

    11:41 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    Brock asserted that, if Trump does win the GOP nomination “a bare-knuckles campaign is necessary” to brand him as a greedy. misogynistic racist, and “a danger to the Constitution, a menace to democracy,
    and a threat to the nation as a whole.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

    5:10 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    you are a sick fuck !!!

    9:52 AM  

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