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    Sunday, November 29, 2015

    Proposed ISIS strategy; Drives them insane

    A possible strategy; 

    Defeats ISIS primary Objective
    Exposes lies about them & Allah
    Triggers massive Suicide Assault in Syria 
    Almost ends terrorist attacks out side Caliphate.

    Their primary objective is to trigger end of times.
    By starting a war between world and them in "Dabiq".

    The coalition take "Dabiq" and HOLD IT.
    Move in with an undefeatable force, air cover,

    Proof of concept
    Fortress:Iraqi town survives 1.5 years ISIS siege 

    Kind of like OP "Jawbreaker" CIA & Military
    first went into Afghanistan,
    Small boots team and Air Force Wing providing
    Super dense air cover.

    Kicked hell out of Taliban Army,
    Military flew in horse saddles so force

    could ride with locals.


    ISIS will throw everything they have at the coalition
    force in DABIQ, Syria. To try and make end of times

    They will beat themselves to death trying to take
    Dabiq, they really think Allah will step in and save
    them defeating the rest of the world.
    They can't back down with out admitting defeat.
    "Allah wasn't with ISIS." 

    It will also pull many supporters from around the world.
    Suicide bombers won't want to bomb France they
    will want shot at forces in Dabiq, for the glory
    Will pull 'wanta bees, extremists and nuts from 
    CONUS Europe etc into Dabiq to their deaths
    thus making rest of world safer.

    Take out staging areas, marches, rallying points
    massed attacks, slaughter them wholesale. 

    ISIS unable to take Dabiq will destroy myth about ISIS
    and End of Times nonsense, exposes ISIS for what
    they are Charlatans, conmen.

    ISIS unable to take Dabiq will drive them INSANE.

    Expect suicide attacks with innocent kids out front.
    Out side the box kind of thing only a 16th century
    barbarian would do or think of (tunnels, kids suicide 
    army, Massed Unarmed Civilians on point)
    Of course they could use kids, civilians at any time
    on any border, results will be same, no choice
    but to take them down, YOU or THEM, no choice.
    General can't let suicide bombers walk up on his

    If they have any Chemicals or biologics ISIS will
    use them in Dabiq.   

    If coalition has will, then we have this as Strategy "A". 

    But that doesn't defeat terrorism; 
    Part 2 of strategy "A". 

    But defeating ISIS, Al Qaeda,Taliban, boko haram
    etc, et al won't defeat Terrorism, it just changes the Name.

    The Terrorist all use the same 3 lies to recruit members & to give them hope for a "better life".

    With lies and twisting the Quarn.

    Big lie #1) 
    America is at war with Islam.

    Big lie #2) 
    Quran supports savage brutal inhumane Jahid.

    Big lie #3)
    All death is martyrdom.
    Martyrdom is a WIN.

    Allah does not support;
    Suicide bombings of;
    Women and children
    Market Places

    No matter what Kifers do,

    The lies behind terrorism have to be confronted at Scale. The 'terrorism idea" has to be confronted and
    exposed as ineffective, against God, leads to Hell.
    But must present workable alternative , modified 
    Democracy which will give them hope for better life.

    This can be done.
    We have instruction manual...
    List of LIES,
    And proof of concept.

    PART 1)
    The LIES, What to do, how it works, mechanics;

    PART II)
    What to say,objectives, how to confront, and reach them;

    For the past 14 years the World has been fighting
    It started in Afghan with Russians and OBL.

    After 14 years its much better; NOT;

    A given definition of Insanity is;
    Doing the same thing and expecting different results every time.

    World needs to change strategies, 
    I've offered a possibility that addresses
    these issues.

    World YOUR move.

    War Anthropologist
    Ad Magnum


    Blogger gerald said...

    OK maybe easier to take & hold Dabiq first week EVERY month,
    then leave for 3 weeks,
    It will drive them absolutely Bat shit crazy.
    cause gnashing of teeth
    incontrolable fits
    cultural impotence, G

    12:16 AM  

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