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    Sunday, October 25, 2015

    FBI war on ISIS heavy duty

    "ISIS in America concerns have prompted active investigations by the FBI. James Comey, the director of the federal law enforcement agency, revealed that investigations into suspected Islamic State supporters or operatives are ongoing around the United States.
    During a speech to intelligence officials, FBI Director Comey said that the number of concerns about ISIS operatives and Islamic State supporters are “slowly climbing,” MSN reports. Comey added that ISIS has attempted to expand its reach into the U.S. and is using social media

    James Comey said that it remains unclear whether or not the FBI has the necessary resources to handle the mounting demand of investigation requests.

    Since July, FBI investigators have seen a decline in the number of Americans attempting to travel to Syria to join ISIS, USA Today reports. Even though such a decrease sounds like good news, Comey said that it is still not known how the lack of Middle East travel attempts will impact domestic terror threats by ISIS supporters and operatives."

    “Something has happened that is flattening the curve [of travel attempts]),” Comey said.

    That something is 'Blow back'.
    Word has spread about how Americans are treated and conditions.
    Phones taken, bad food, pest infestations, no internet, and deserters are
    executed, you can't quit and go home.
    Witnessing daily brutality causes severe depression,
    doesn't turn out to be a Holy journey as expected.

    FBI has over 900 ISIS surveillance cases active.
    An FBI surveillance bubble is remarkable and covers
    everything, bank and credit cards, GPS, ISP list of
    URL's, credit and criminal history, WWW name search,
    And is activated by FBI Agent's cell phone app.  

    FBI has a history of developing cutting edge surveillance

    methods and are very good at invisibly surveilling. 

    In the case of ISIS we know how they are recruiting,
    where they are recruiting, even the lies they use to
    convince people to join.

    Instead of tracking possible recruits maybe we could interdict
    or disrupt the recruitment process.
    Cut down on the number we need to keep under surveillance.

    We know how they recruit, and they send around 100 million
    tweets a year.  
    Even the lies they tell to recruit.

    A small number of people could easily match the 100 million 
    tweets with Apps people can sign up for that would allow 
    anti-ISIS tweets in their time line.

    Proof of concept.
    How it works, mechanics, is explained here;

    The instruction manual.

    If they read your tweet 
    you have gotten into their minds, 
    They heard your words.
    What you do once you are there,
    in their minds, is up to you.
    What to tweet is explained here;

    During U.S. House of Representatives’ Judiciary Committee meeting, the director also stated that counterterrorism remains the top priority of the FBI. 
    He said that the agency is working to address evolving threats from Al-Qaeda offshoots, such as ISIS, and to keep a watchful eye on the “terrorist propaganda and training” which occurs on the Internet.

    A small team could;
    match ISIS volume of tweets.
    And confront their lies, 
    expose religious errors-Religious Education,

    Disseminating News ISIS wants kept secret,
    Exposing ISIS failures.

    Every time they tweet 
    is an opportunity to 
    engage the Enemy.
    "ISIS destroying themselves lack of reason,delusions,ignoring people,  alienation oppression, deviance, and severity", Sunni .

    Winning hearts and minds has been demonstrated.
    Proof of concept established by ISIS.
    When will West establish a serious effort
    to actually win hearts and minds?

    Use ISIS strongest weapon against them;
    If this EVIL,savage,brutal Caliphate can do it.
    So too can USA

    War Anthropologist


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