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    Saturday, August 30, 2014

    RUSSIA on verge of econ crash

    RUSSIA on verge of econ crash

    #HedgeFundAlert   #SHORTruble

    Ruble at 10 yr low, no support;

    Ruble dropping for past 2 yrs,

    Ruble crashing for past week;

    As Ruble falls every thing becomes more expensive,
    food, housing, gas & oil.

    Expect riots in street, Russian people will blame
    USA as Putin controls Russian Media and is painting
    Ukrainian forces as Natzi's attacking Russian civilans.

    Question becomes how long Putin can keep up
    this lie, when will Russians wake up and smell
    the coffee. 

    Putin has made Russia’s rising prosperity and 
    stable public finances the cornerstone of his appeal.

    Russian stock market is poised for crash also.

    Russian central bank says they can no longer afford
    to support ruble.

    Putin is not economist and doesn't understand 
    the economic collapse he is facing and expects
    to use media to blame USA and Stuxnet, this 
    will have heavy blowback when Russian people
    realize he has been lying to them about Ukraine. 

    Reports filtering out about Russian troops deaths
    in Ukraine and in Moscow hospitals.

    Obama has some concept about Putins reaction
    to his defeat on this issue and reaction to Russian
    economic collapse, hense "no American troops
    om ground in Ukraine", Putin will go nutz when
    his game explodes in his face costing him and his 
    cronies trillions in losses.

     Short interest on RUSSIAN STOCK MKT 
    $1.46 billion. an all-time high= 21% hold 
    shorts, #HEDGE FUNDS

    Russia 'has an economy the size of Italy'

    Russia’s 2013 nominal GDP was $2.1 trillion,
     and Italy’s was $2.07 trillion, according 
    to the World Bank.

    MOSCOW—Russia's economy grew 0.1% in the second quarter, meaning the country has avoided slipping into a technical recession, the economy ministry said Friday.

    Sanctions will force Putins cronies to move money out of the world stock markets or risk seizure, leaving only this Russian stock market for them to invest in,
    thats another paradigm entirely.

    And this is only the "Stock Market " part of the stuxnet/Sanctions

    With Downgraded Debt, A Plunging Currency, And A Weak Stock Market Russia Is In Real Trouble  via @forbes

    Russia’s economy is being hit hard by a credit crunch, capital flight, spiraling inflation and incipient recession. This will hurt Mr. Putin’s surging popularity at home. But none of this has deterred the smirking fool.

    Russian debt rated BBB one level above Junk bonds.

    Putin is gambling with Russian economy with a 
    loosing hand over attempt to seize part of Ukraine,
    and lying to Russian people about it.
    Currently; “Essentially it’s as if Russians were handed a cookie and they are happy, but almost all of them forget they need bread or soup.”



    GERALD (center) floor NYSE

    UPDATE SEPT 18 2014 3:28 AM EST


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