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    Monday, April 15, 2013

    Our best Intel on NK & Iran


    Iran outsourcing development of Nuclear weapons & missiles to N Korea, G 
    1. North Korea celebrates dictator's birth with fake flowers, no Iranian missile launch, G
    2. Iran Intel working 24/7 N Korea tantrum, Doing what??? G
    3. owes N Korea US$ for inferior missile tech, Iran renigs on payment promise, typical
    4. I welcome sources:secure,encrypted,cloaked communications chan.will be set up for U
    5. N. Korea shames Kim Il Sung,to launch Iran missile,Nodong-A is the Iranian Shahab-3, ‏
    6. Tensions high as N. Korea shames Kim Il Sung, plans Iran missile launch, Nodong-A is the Iranian Shahab-3,marks NK EPIC Kim Jong Un fail
    7. NK gray weather, people lined up in droves to lay bouquets of fake flowers for fake sentiments, at the bronze statues of Kim Il Sung & son,
    8. BBC News - John Kerry: 'No artificial talks with North Korea', like we have with Iran,
    9. Iran & NK exchange best & worst of technologies, G Causes fall out, G
    10. Fall out between NK & Iran, inferior products and Iranian reluctance to pay, G Our Classified source & paradigm intel, G
    11. North Korea and Iran appear to have been regularly exchanging ballistic missiles, components and technology in violation of UN sanctions.
    12. head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani.U.N. placed sanctions and a travel ban on Mr. Abbasi-Davani in 2007
    13. WikiLeaks Archive — Iran Armed by North Korea:2010
    14. Iran bought 19 advanced missiles from North Korea,diplomatic cable says.North displayed are the same kind of missiles in an October parade.

      1. Amid N. Korean Threats, CIA No Longer Reports to Congress on Missile Proliferation | CNS News via
      2. NK east coast missile for a launch is a North Korean-developed Musudan, which some experts say is a variant of Iran’s Shahab missile.
      3. Iranians are better at MISSILE tech than the North Koreans.G
      4. Comparing N Korean Nodong missile with Iran's Shahab missile."In every detail, right down to re-entry vehicles, Nodong-A is the Shahab-3,"
      5. Sucks, keep up dates in same form, USE standard URL; 1.3 BILLION but very unprofessional, G
      6. N K offered to trade fossilized Unicorn for Iran's herbal Aids cure, G
      7. Iran’s diplomats see that Obama is being much tougher on them than NK
      8. Israel is more important to American security than South Korea and Japan?
      9. Why is North Korea less dangerous than Iran,? G
      10. There will be costly war with inevitable destruction of North Korea,or world will find itself with at least two more nuclear-weapons powers
      11. Iran; NK pressing ahead with nuclear-weapons given pause to Washington’s hard line,made US willing to live with nukes NK than in Iran
      12. Is President Ahmadinejad crazier than Kim Jong-un, or less?
      13. Breaking News: N.Korea Carrier group departs to attack Hawaii & California! LOL
      14. NK is a good example of why China fails as world power, G
      15. ebonics becoming more popular on twitter, Translator; Some are Blend of ebonics and phonics, G
      16. Kaspersky Lab Analyzes Active Cyberespionage Campaign Targeting Online Gaming Companies Worldwide
      17. NK show video of nukes hitting US cities, NK says;"attempt to shoot down missile would result in war" Kerry begging NK for meet
      18. North Korea propaganda video nuke missilrs miss Colorado Springs by 1,000 miles - .
      19. Rubio on North Korea: ‘It’s a mistake to view it as a government’ - I4U News via
      20. Burger witch, Aunt runs only burger joint in NK; controlling North Korea's Kim Jong-un -Burger cost 2 wks wages

        1. North Korea Tension Prompts Kerry to beg For China's Help, China demurs, no changes - ABC News (via )
        2. Kerry hails Chinese North Korea pledge; BS China has made NO new pledges, delusional,G
        3. N Korea scares he backs down cancels Mil exercises w/ SK, NK pleased, encouraged. Confirms USA paper Tiger, Iran happy,G
        4. Kerry; President Barack Obama had cancelled number of military exercises planned with SK. U.S. not seeking a military confrontation WTF G
        5. "China is very serious — very serious — about denuclearizing,” Kerry told reporters. Pollyanna BS,G
        6. NK missile launch"provocation and unwanted act that will raise people’s temperatures.”Ohhooo "Scarry Kerry"If nuke NK joined club
        7. senior defense official;U.S. sees a “strong likelihood” that North Korea will launch a test missile in coming days, China says nothing,G
        8. neither Kerry nor Yang specifically addressed the immediate crisis: a North Korean test of a missile, China is out of pic,G
        9. daily North Korean threats, the U.S. has been counting on China to force its unruly neighbour to stand down, FAIL CHINA DOING ZERO,G
        10. China would work with US and other nations to resume six-party talks with North Korea that fell apart for good four yr sanctions
        11. China;“We maintain that the issue should be handled and resolved peacefully through dialogue,” translated; China ain't gona do a damn thing
        12. Analysts:N. Korea can't be stopped with words former director of CIA Korea Desk,Bolton,Think Tank Heritage Foundation
        13. South Korea , Twain and Japan are increasingly expressing an interest in developing their own nuclear defenses.
        14. North Korea will look back at its history and see that any time it attacked, the United States and South Korea tended to back down
        15. United States; NK cannot reach the continental USA,is getting closer to an intercontinental missile capable of reaching the U.S. homeland.
        16. North Korea taking several steps forward take a step back, only confirms in their mind that the United States will back down,
        17. TIMID President Obama's scaling back of military exercises with South Korea in the face of North Korean threats, are likely to embolden NK
        18. Nuclear North Korea unacceptable,says Kerry;too late, someone give him a news paper,G - via
        19. TODAY;Iranian President Ahmadinejad that stressed the "deterrent purposes" of the Iranian army's military exercises and training. NK,G

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