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    Friday, December 21, 2012

    Our cyber weapon.

    If we had a cyber weapon what
    would it look like?

    This is not an admission of
    any activity.

    Cyber Scope;
    We plug in a IP, and scope probes;
    Auto loads appropriate exploits.

    Checks if Java on? If yes, loads
    Java Exploits.


    Checks IPS & loads exploits, if any.

    Checks physical location,
    list resources we have,that area.

    Checks OS, loads appropriate

    Checks Browser, checks for 
    available traps.

    More opsec won't allow.

    Cyber missile head;
    Loaded exploits for OS,
    Java, IPS, and more.

    Pay load;
    Stage 1#)
    Available appropriate exploits.
    & bots.

    Stage 2#, war head)   
    IPT's, APT's, rootkits,
    malware,password breakers.

    Many; from pop-ups to
    burning up HD, or blocking
    WWW access from hrs to permanent,
    over writing data, parts or all.
    Or invisible monitoring & reporting,
    to Artificial Intelligence BSU's.

    COWS ( cyber over watch ) by BSU's.

    Also auto checks & monitors  metrics 
    for changes in behavior.

    Thats part one.

    Of course that assumes they tripped
    our ROE.

    Stuxnet 3.0 most powerful weapon EVER

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.


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